Friday, January 4, 2013

"... a list of a few goals for 2013 and a few bad habits I can repent of then bury so I don't continue in my stupid sins." (Hilary)

Hilary & Sam on New Year's Eve 1999 - I love Hilary's handmade crown!

Good morning family! Hope you are all doing well! It is so fun to hear from you and I loved being able to talk Tuesday. It was so nice. I felt a little selfish afterward; we only talked about me. I am sorry and I hope you know that I am concerned with your well-being and pray for you all every day!

Something cool about Ibarra is that the Latins understand a lot more than the indigenous people. I don't mean that offensively, it's just that the indigenous people spend all day working in the fields, while the Latins have the opportunities to study and all that. Anyway, I have really enjoyed working with these people. I really love this message and I love sharing it.

Sundays are probably the hardest, longest, most stressful days of the week. Which is a bummer, but at the same time, I feel like I am really fighting to earn my salvation, so it kind of feels good too. Anyway, you won't be surprised if I come home with a head full of grey hairs and a couple ulcers.

We continue working with the M. family, and this week, Hermana Davila and I feel like we have been able to solve the issue that we had been working with. The other night, Hermana Davila invited them all to share their testimonies about the changes they've seen since they were introduced to the church. It was a really inspired invitation she made because I think it was the first time they were able to have such a spiritual moment and share their gratitude and love for each other. Hermano F. M. began to cry as he shared his gratitude for the help that the missionaries had offered him and his children. I was really able to recognize the desire of a parent that their children can have a better life. It gave us a glimpse of the intentions of his heart. It was a really cool experience.

I personally have been studying a lot about the conversion recently. (I have been studying a lot of the talks from this past conference and also a lot of the things that Dad put in the Norton Wisdom book.) I am grateful for the mission and all that I have learned here because I believe that beforehand I had a testimony but here my testimony is growing to become a conversion. I pray to be forgiven of my weaknesses and improve myself every day. It really is so beautiful that we can be forgiven and change. I love our Heavenly Father and His Son, our Savior.

I was reading yesterday about the Anti - Nephi - Lehies people and I love their conversion story. They are so humble and they understand so well. I love that they are so converted that they say that they don't want to dirty their swords again after being forgiven (it reminded of what Elder Holland said in his talk: "Then why are we here on this same shore, by these same nets, having this same conversation?" Sometimes we keep committing the same sin - why do we do that?) I put together a list of a few goals I have for the 2013 and a few bad habits I can repent of and then bury so I don't continue in my stupid sins. I want to invite you all to do the same! Let's thank our great God that permits us to change and forgives and continues to love us after all we have done.

I love you all. Choose the right.

Hermana Norton

P.S. Are you guys having Family Home Evening? I think I didn't think it was very important before the mission, but if the Prophet wants us to do it, we absolutely have to do it. I don't want a Monday night to keep us from exaltacion.

P.S.S. If you get the chance, can someone send me the talk that talks about the "tactics" of Satan or whatever? There are like four Ds or something. I would like it in English and in Spanish. Thank you!


Want to read or listen to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk that Hermana Norton referenced? One of THE best talks EVER! 
click HERE for the link

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