Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Fisher's of Men" (Hilary)

Okay, I will begin by responding to a few things mentioned in the letters I received today.
Dad - ALL week I was thinking about how badly I wished I had been able to respond and share some thoughts on the Doctrine of Christ. I am sure the talk went so well though. If you have a copy, please please share! I have learned a lot from the copies of the talks you have given.
MITCH - I LOVE all the pictures you sent. I love your little family so much! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are having a lot of success in your work and I am sure it is because of your obedience to the Lord. I am so impressed and I want you to know how much I look up to you. Thanks for being such a great example. I loved the quote you sent. I was responding to a letter Nate Hardman sent me the other day and mentioned that. He said how much he loved exhausting himself in the work. I love it too! It feels so good to get home and be so tired. Here in the mission I realized it is okay to be tired, and especially when we have put our all into something of such great value.
Mom - I am so glad you found that article. It is nice to hear that it was such a relief for you. I know it was an answer from God (just like you said, a little tender mercy). Mosiah 24 talks about how God sends us little tender mercies so that later we will testify of him. He comforts us and in return, we act according to His will and commandments and share our testimonies. Tell Benton and Brayden I say HI! I don't know if Sam was better friends with Brayden or if I was... But tell him I say hey and congratulations on the most well spent two years of his life.
Well, I loved the scripture and quote you shared, Mom. The other day I read Jacob 4:10. It is a really good scripture! And I have been listening a lot to the talks by President Eyring that Dad sent me. He talks a lot about repentance and mentions that HUMILITY is a FRUIT of repentance and also a PROTECTION against future sin. I really love that because I have been working a lot lately on being more humble. I think I already mentioned that, but I realized it has SO MUCH to do with our happiness and the happiness of those around us. I remember being taught in seminary how basically every sin can be traced back to pride or selfishness. When you think about, it's true. It is probably why the leaders of our church are the leaders of our church. They are able to live clean lives because they are always thinking about the well being of others. Well, that reason and about a hundred others. I have so much respect for them. I have just fallen in love with the Word here on the mission. Whenever we get the Liahona it is like the happiest day of the week. I carry it around like it is my most prized possession, second only to my scriptures, of course.
This past weekend, President Ghent and Sister Ghent spent here in I. He had a few meetings and did some interviews for temple recommends, so she spent the day with us. It was fun because she helped us a bit and afterward gave us some feedback. It was nice to have another perspective (and it was also nice to not have to walk so much, because she drove us around. WOO). Sunday they attended our branch. It was cool to hear the message he shared. I respect President Ghent a lot. This Friday we have interviews and I am really looking forward to them.
Earlier today, more than once, Hermana Davila and I were mistaken for workers in a few stores where we passed by. Hilarious and made me remember JESSLYN. Is she home yet?¿

The other day I sent a whole BUNCH of letters! To the family and for you, Mom, to distribute, and to about eight people whose addresses I don't have. Please let me know when you get them!
Sam, take good care of those Ecuadorians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're really important to me! (Aunque no los conozco, un Ecuatoriano es un Ecuatoriano es un Ecuatoriano y amo a cada uno de ellos.) WRITE ME.
Well. I have about ten minutes left, but all I wanted to write about I don't remember. I will bring my journal next week so I can remember everything. I love you guys. Choose the right.
P.S. I am learning how to cook!
P.S.S. I am losing weight! 
P.S.S.S. Baptism this Saturday!

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