Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Bajio and Costo Vida ... I MISS YOU!" (Sam)

Is this like a "pinky promise" ?

Good morning!
   Mama, you´re right, the week's over and a new one's starting! Gotta constantly be involved and thinking or else an entire week can pass by without you doing anything! The weeks FLY BY in the mission... its scary! In exactly one week I hit TEN MONTHS. Wooow.

   Things are great! I think I have said that every single week of my mission.... :) but its cuz its true. Couldn´t be in a better place doing a better thing! We. Have. The Truth. Why would one want to be somewhere else? This gospel and this message bring something different to the lives of the people. It fills the holes that they didn´t know they had. I´m happy, and ´´things are great!´´ :D

   WOW. Dad, I can feel the power of your talk through the letters on a computer screen. I can't even imagine what it would´ve been like in the building... hearing it. Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love love love that chapter. I think I have left that exact chapter (2 nefi 31) with investigators to read more than I have with any other chapter. First off cuz its a great chapter, second off cuz it talks about baptism :) and what they have to do to get there.

   Tell Braydon DeChristifano hey! Tell him to write me or something. I´d love to get in contact with him!
   Well things are going well. We´re working with lots of people right now. Thats one thing I've learned here in the mission is that we need to talk with lots of people about this message.. We need to learn to share the message well, but in a short powerful lesson and  then allow the people to use their albedrio........ agency(hah! english...) and make their decision. Its been hard for me in my mission when people reject us or the message.. cuz I just want it so bad for the people.. but I´ve realized that I need to use more of my time searching and teaching rather than getting bugged over the people that reject it. There are sooo many poeple that are waiting.. even here in Alcoy. Tons of people! We need to be able to teach with power and really discern and work with those that will accept and move forward. Its sad that people don´t receive the blessings ... but it makes me that much more happy when others do!

   We´re teaching two awesome families right now. One from Colombia and one from Ecuador. The colombian family has two pit bulls. :) The dad gets home late late from work and doesn´t want to listen. Its sad... PRAY FOR HIM! The others are all listening and learning. They are reading but struggling with prayer and church attendance. We´re working on it but pray and help us! :)

   The Ecuadorian family that we´re teaching is sooo awesome! HERMANA NORTON! QUE SUERTE TIENES! ECUADOR ES UNA MINA DE ORO! ¡¡SIGUE BAUTIZANDO!! We knocked their door one day and the mom was like.. ummm ok come by another day... like lots of people tell us just to make us leave.. haha and then she was like... but first you have to meet my daughter! And she ran and woke her 17 year old daughter up and presented her to us.  :)  So we passed by several days later and to our surprise the mom and the daughter were there waiting there for us so we went in. The dad sees us and goes into the other room, not wanting anything to to with us.... :\... So we asked them to invite him in and they said he wasn't interested :( . But anyways, so we taught the wife and daughter and they had a thousand questions! The mom was like.. "aaand how do they get young people like you to go out and do this every day??" and we were like "actually.. we chose to be here.." and she flipped. We invited them to this activity we were going to have at the church and they came and played the games and everything.. and then yesterday, we were going to go pick them up in the morning and we were running a little late and we turn the corner of their street and they are already walking towards us to go to the church! :O wowow. The mom´s name is B and the daughter is J. There´s another little brother and I don´t know the dad´s name. We´re trying to involve everyone so that they can be baptized all together.. we´ll see!

   There's this lady in our ward that is from Mexico and she is amazing!! She served a mission in mexico and after her mission she met a Spanish member on a church chat or something.. so they were married in the Mexico temple but live here now. The husband is extremely smart... extremely smart. He is a chess teacher and champion like a billion times over (they have trophies all over their apartment). He knows all the doctrine and actually told us he was talking to one of his friends about the church and Book of Mormon but he doesn´t come to church. Yesterday after chruch and a couple meetings we had, we went over to Rosy´s (la mejicana) and she made us mexican food! I like spanish food but it was reeeally nice to eat some good ol mexican food again. :)
-------------Bajios and Costa Vida! I miss you!!!---------------- :)

   I finally got my letters that arrived in Málaga when I left. I got one from you mom, the Christmas card, loved it! I got one from Nate Crosland. :) The kids a crack up! I love him so much. I got a Christmas card from the Jaccards.. Coolest family! and one from the Lewis couple. So supportive!

   Anyways, thats all I got today! 


   I love you all! Don´t stop believing. You can´t see your heart, but you know its there cuz you can feel it. I can´t see my father in heaven... but I know he´s there cuz I can feel him. He loves me and he loves you. Talk to him a little longer and a little more intimately tonight. He´d appreciate that.

¡Hasta la próxima!

-Élder Norton

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