Wednesday, January 16, 2013

short and sweet ... (Sam and Hilary)

this week from Elder Norton:

Hello! Good monday morning!

   I hope you´ve had a great week. This one will be even better! Things are great here in Alcoy. Things are really picking up and its fun! We´re working soo hard.. and that feels really good. Its so interesting how the mission is technically so that we help people come to baptism and in reality we are the ones that come out changed and better. Elder P. and I are learning so much and trying to humble ourselves so much. The mission is hard. Its hard to mix two cultures. Its even harder trying to constantly communicate in another language. And ESPEcially when you get stressed or tired and are worried about other people... BUT... THAT is what is changing us. We would not be growing, changing, learning, humbling ourselves, or anything without the great pressure and demand. I love my mission. I love it. Its hard. And I love it.

   FAMILY. I love you and miss you! So much! I think about you daily and I want you to know I love each of you so much. We will be together forever! Don´t lose sight of the Celestial kingdom. Clear what is blocking your view of salvation and forget about it. We have one purpose on this earth. Fulfill it!

   We´re really trying to keep that rule (one hour on the computer) so I don´t have tons of time. NOT CUZ OF YOUR EMAILS. Please don´t feel like you have to cut your emails shorter. They are the only taste of home I get. I love them. Don't cut them shorter. We email President every week and do numbers and stuff too. We try to do it quick. We´re working on it. :)

Dang it! I have like 2 minutes! Haha :)
   I love you all! Thank you for all you do! Keep praying. Say specific names. Read with a purpose. Go to church searching!
   I love you all! Write me! I´ll write you back! :)
-Elder Norton


this week from Hermana Norton:

I don't have much time to write today; I apologize. To me, it is the most important thing I do every Monday. All week I am not thinking about myself - when I write my family, the idea is that there are people on the other end who want to know about me. It is refreshing and necessary! Anyway. Here is the latest.

We are working with a few investigators! They have had some amazing experiences! 

Yesterday we found the S. family. They are from F. in the U.S. and they have been members for years, but aren't attending church because obviously it is not in their language and they don't know Spanish!  Anyway, it was a few minutes of USA talk in ENGLISH and afterward when I got back to Ecuador/Mission world, it was so refreshing! I now understand why missionaries are nervous to go home! I miss you guys so much, but know that I am good in Ecuador. I like the mission.

Hermana D. and I are working hard with a few investigators. They seem to be progressing, except for church attendance. That might be the toughest commitment for people to keep, as far as I have seen here in the mission. We were expecting seven investigators to attend church yesterday and only two came. We did a lot, but I am determined to do more this Sunday, because although we have worked so hard, if they don't attend church, we have to take a few steps backward. Hermana D. and I are doing really well though. I feel like we have found a good group of people who are really interested and willing. We just need time to work with them.

Okay, I will write more next week, I promise! I am going to write Sam´s birthday note real quick!

Hermana Norton

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