Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Yes, members can and do help in the missionary work!" (Sam)

Good morning, good evening, or good night! Depending on where you are reading this.

   All is well in Alcoy! The Lord has blessed us a lot recently. This is a difficult work and satan is working as well. We are pushing forward with our faith in the Lord and he constantly gives us miracles.

   We had 6 investigators in church on Sunday!! Woohoo! Blessings from the Lord. We pray fervently that our investigators and those that know even a little bit about the church find the desires to come and attend. Its so fun to see our investigators and other unexpected people show up to the church. Our newly called ward mission leader is a rock! He is amazing. He has been calling any and everyone he can to help and show support for everyone. He and his wife and daughter call our investigators and the less actives that we work with and even other less actives that we are working with or haven´t met yet and they invite them to church. This week, a less active mother that lives in a little city by Alcoy came to church with her creyente (believing) husband and her 10 year old energy ball of a son. Our ward mission leader was the one that contacted her and invited her. They are from bolivia and we have a cita with them tomorrow! We´re really excited to get to know them and help them have to blessings of the Gospel as a family.

   We have two girls with fechas bautismales (baptismal dates) right now. G and W. They are twin sisters of a recent convert girl. The three live with their grandparents who are both less active. They are from Ecuador. :) The abuela is getting reactivated and the twins are learning and preparing for their baptism on the 9th of February!

   B, the ecuatorian lady that started listening to the lessons last week has kind of taken a step backwards. We don´t understand why but she told us that she needs to stop listening because she has too many doubts..... its frustrating cuz she has doubts and we know she has doubts but she doesn´t understand that they will be answered as she listens to us... not by stopping listening to us. We tried to explain but she had made up her mind. Her daughter, was very much ´´on the fence´´ about the whole thing.. and kinda floja(sorry, google search it cuz I can´t explain it in english) about coming to church cuz her mom had dropped us. Well the daughter of our ward mission leader called her on saturday and told her she wanted to see her in church on sunday and she came! Wooo! Yes, members can and do help in the missionary work! Don´t think the missionaries can do it on their own. We can´t do it without YOUR help! So good to see her in Sacrament. The colombian family that we are teaching came to church as well! Woooo! The mom and the daughter that in the start said no no no no no, I never go to churches .... They both came! Anyways, things are looking good. We just have to focus on the people that were in the meeting and we´ll being seeing some more fechas here soon! :)

   Hey! Question, Will montgomery is at BYU right? can you get his address this week so I can write him next week? :) Thanks!
   Fill me in on other mission calls if you hear on any. Thanks!
   Tell adam to check his email. :)
   Jade Warburton got the mission home this last week! He finally got his visa! Like 20 new missionaries came in! :) A bunch got their visas!
   We may be moving pisos soon. If you are gonna send another package or mail to this apartment, send it sooner rather than later so we can get it before we go. We think there´s like a one month process we´ll have to go through to change apartments ...... AND THANKS FOR SENDING PACKAGES! :)

   Alright, we gotta go. I love you! Sorry I can´t comment on your emails. Know that I read them and loved them. You are the best parents and family ever. Love you!
-Elder Norton

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