Monday, December 10, 2012

"I think I sliced a ball into his backyard one time actually..... :) " (Sam)

Where's the rest of his club?

¡Hola familia y amigos!

   Things are awesome here in the mish! Like always! So many changes recently but its all so good. Of the four of us in our piso, all left but me. :) Elders Phillips and Lyman went home......... WEIRD........ and Elder Núñez went to San Fernando. My new comp, Elder H, is awesome. We already get along suuper good. And yes, he says he is related to the General Authority. :) His last area was suuper hard and hadn´t baptized the entire year and then he got there and they baptized 8, exactly what the branch´s goal was for the whole year.. so he obviously had a really hard time leaving... I was a little worried, but we´re already super tight. :) He´s from orem and he lives in the houses right next to the cascade golf course... I think I sliced a ball into his backyard one time actually..... :)

   M GOT BAPTIZED! Wow! The work is amazing. His family is really struggling and I know his baptism has really brought them together. We are hoping and praying that the blessings of the gospel will glue everything back together. His mom and sister have baptismal dates but his dad didn´t accept one. We´ll keep working and praying.

   I. and her family are awesome! We had a huge breakthrough with the oldest daughter. She was really hard to get through to for a long time but the other day we were in their house just talking a little before we started the lesson and we said something about soccer and the daughter from over at the table was like.... ´´you guys play soccer??´´ :) haha and we were like.. claro!.. which is like clearly..or obviously.. or just simply, yes! turns out she plays rugby...... so anyways she opened up and now she doesn´t want us to leave. She´s 18 and shes ridiculous... In a good way. :) We´re moving forward with that family too. They're awesome.

   Right before Núñez left, he told us that this Cuban guy stopped them on the street and told them that he wanted to be baptized.... haha so obviously núñez gave us the guy's info and we passed by. I guess like 9 cubans live in the piso and they are all really interested in our message and want to work towards baptism.  We need to take it slower so that they understand what they are doing and why.. so they don´t go inactive after.. anyways, just missionary stuff. whats important is that we´re moving forward and we´re trusting the Lord's judgement!

   I used my time really poorly today and I don´t have time to write much more, sorry, but a couple things suuper quick.
-Dad, i´m gonna keep my eyes out for Elder Olsen. :)
-Should I open the package then to get the presents and stocking out? You said they´re wrapped right?
-I´m good right now on stuff. I´m gonna buy some other p-day clothes here cuz there´s this awesome store here and everythings like way cheap. Its good stuff too. Its like a mix between nordstrom and old navy.. so just put some moneys in my account and i´ll buy me some pday stuff for Christmas. :) thanks!
-Don´t worry about sending stuff with Tyler and Allie. Thanks!
-I´m pumped for Jake hutchings. Tell him congrats!

Thats all! Thanks for everything! Don´t feel like it was your fault for me running out of time. I had to write a couple other people and stuff too. Anyways, gotta go. Love you all!
2 nephi 32:3
 aAngels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, bfeast upon the cwords of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will dtell you all things what ye should do.

-Elder Norton

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