Friday, March 8, 2013

"Are you from here ... Spain?" (Sam)

Wooooah!!! Hello!
   The mission is a big whirlwind right now! So many new missionaries and soo many changes.. its awesome! There´s a picture on the blog of all the missionaries that are serving in Málaga right now and they are like all missionaries that weren´t even there when I was there! Its crazy how fast changes happen and how in 4 or 5 months all the missionaries that we in one city can be changed out.

   Elder Jones, my papa in the mission, was serving as Zone Leader in Sevilla when I got there.. I don´t know if I mentioned that earlier.. so that was super fun to see him again, but there there were other mid transfer changes cuz of new missionaries getting the mission so he left..... TO MÁLAGA. :) Kinda fun. He´s in the area of malaga that is right next to my old area. He´s zone leader there right now... and then right after he left, I left too... hah.. I will be honest... it stinks getting changed so much! Haha cuz its hard to really help people make changes in their lives in 3 weeks, or 5 weeks..... but, its not hard to get close to them and to start a good friendship with them.. so my last two areas have been... arrive, get to know all the members, memorize all their names, visit their houses, get to know all the investigators, look and look and look and find new people, start to explain them about the church.. and then get pulled out........ and have to say goodbye to everyone........ :\.. BUT! If we are obedient, and this happens, we know we´ve done all we could. I just hope something I have said or done has at least made a little difference in the lives of the amazing people I´ve met. I could honestly do this my entire life.

   I got a huuuuge compliment yesterday!!! WOW I was flipping out! Yesterday, we went and visited this member that wasn't in church to check up and see if there was something we could do. She is an older woman and her husband is older as well and very sick. Turns out her granddaughter was sick and she couldn´t leave the both of them home sick and come to church, which is understandable... but anyways, when we first walked in, she started to just talk talk talk with my comp, Elder Blanch, (EVERYONE HERE ADORES HIM) and so I was pretty quiet for the first 15ish minutes before we could even have a prayer or share a message.. so anyways, we just there listening and listening. Then we said, ´´alright well can we have a prayer and share a message?´´ And she was like ´´ohh sure! ummmm lets see.... how bout your new companion. Can he give us the prayer?´´ talking to Elder Blanch (like I wasn´t going to be able to understand her or something... :) gotta love it ) so he was like... "sure." So, I say the prayer, say this, that, the other...  and then I end the prayer and the first thing she says when she lifts her head up from the prayer is... ´´¿Tú eres de aquí?´´.... or...... ´´Are you from here (Spain)?´´....... HAHAH! :D and I was like.. ´´No...... I´m from the United States..´´ and she was like ´´Wow, ¿que bien hablas español!´´.... or....´´you speak spanish really well!´´ Super happy and relieved about all my spanish studies and stuff..... D: anyways.. just kind of a fun compliment!

   Our area is huge!! I don´t remember what I wrote you guys last week and what I wrote in my journal but I´ll re-explain it real quick. Our area is called Aljarafe... and the truth is I don´t even know if thats a city or the region or what... but our area consists of like 25 different pueblos... like 25 different towns and cities and suberbs of sevilla. We are right next door to Sevilla.. actually we are in sevilla right now doing emails.. cuz we had to come here to drop something off to a missionary here.. So anyways, we´re close. We live in a little town called Castilleja de la Cuesta.. but we have a car and we visit aaaall over around here. We visit the pueblos.. camas, santiponce, gines, san juan, bollullos, olivares, san lucar, etc.. etc... hah so i keep getting mixed up cuz Elder Blanch just drives me all over the place between pueblo and cities and all over the place. Its crazy. Pray for me! I have to learn them all in the next 2 weeks!!

   Yes, Elder Blanch is leaving in two weeks. He is already over his two year mark but ended up extending his mission a little bit. When he finishes, he will have been on his mission 25 months. He´s from Missouri and is going home to his girlfriend to get married! Amazing story! They almost got married before his mission and then received a super bold priesthood blessing that changed his mind. Since then, he has served a mission and his girlfriend served a mission to Argentina. She has been back several months now and is just waiting for him to get home so they can get married. :) She is Elder Blanch´s first convert. Yup, thats right, he baptized her. :) I´m super pumped for the kid! He´s amazing!

   MY NEW ADDRESS............

       c/ Convento #42, 1ºH
   41950 Castilleja Cuesta, Sevilla

Thanks for the mission call updates and everything! Ahhh! So much is going on back home! Its probably crazy! Tell everyone hi! and congrats from Sam <----WEIRD. MY REAL NAME....... :) Tell them I say... ´´Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel. Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel. Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel.......´´ :)

Anyways, I´m out of time. Thank you for everything in your emails. I have read everything even though I haven´t answered back. Thanks again, I love you all!
-Elder Norton

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