Monday, March 11, 2013

"I think it is important that they recognize that we are a happy people. We have the full truth; they should be able to tell." (Hilary)

Hi fam
Hope you are all doing so well! We have had an eventful week.

I am still pretty sick. Monday, the mission nurse told me I had parasites. She gave me a few medications but nothing helped. It was really debilitating our ability to get out and work. So Thursday I went to a doctor in Quito and he did a few tests. I have a stomach infection and ... anemia! They said the normal iron level is between 25 - 200 and mine is .7 ... So the nurses complimented me on my work performance while living almost completely without iron in my blood. (I told Hermana Ellis I don't really know what it even means to be low on iron anyway and she told me it means that if Ironman were to come to Ecuador he would have no power over me.) Haha. Anyway, iron pills are expensive here. Is there any way you could get some sent out here to me? That would be deeply appreciated.

So how is everyone? Did you enjoy Italy, Dad? Please keep me updated on how Adam's baseball tournament goes! I would like to hear from him... Looking good without the braces, big guy! Tell Trevor and Heather I say congrats! I wish I could have been there. I hope she is just as great as Trev.  Dad, were you able to play in that golf tournament in Italy? Where do you go next? Or do you have a little break?

Dad, thank you so much for the thoughtful email. I really appreciated all you said. It is so true and although I don't look back on it fondly, I know it was good for me to have that experience to learn from. I might not have been the most tolerant, patient daughter of God before my mission, and I am aware of that and I am trying to improve. It is true what you said about us being our own agents. Alma 41:7-8 I really like because they teach us that we are our own judges. It is all up to us. WE decide if we choose eternal life or eternal misery. It is simple. I hope I am living worthy of eternal life.

Mom, I love hearing about your Spanish. And don't worry, it will come, you will get a hang of it. And please tell Jake Lee (if you see him again) to write me. He is such a good kid.

I received an email from K today. A and C had both written me about how she got sick and came home :(
I hope she is doing okay. I just mailed her a letter. But I am going to include something really sweet that she wrote to me in her email.

"Hilary, Thank you for your confidence in the Lord. Thank you for showing me what it is like to have true faith in Him. I'm really having to learn where my faith stands, and as I look back, I could tell where you stood."

The sweetest comment ever. I know I made mistakes in my past and I wish I could erase them. As I read what she said, I felt grateful and unworthy all at once. "And remember, after ye are reconciled unto God, that it is only in and through the grace of God that ye are saved" (2 Nephi 10:24) We got the good end of the deal, didn't we?

 Well, I hope you are all doing well. Hermana Ellis and I are really enjoying the work right now. I love working with her. We are always laughing and having fun and I think it is important because people need to recognize that we are a happy people. We have the full truth; they should be able to tell.  Today we went to a really nice mall, and I found a million things I loved but I didn't buy one thing. I am looking forward to doing a little shopping when I get home instead of here. If any of you ever feels tempted to spend money on me right now, write me a thoughtful letter, put the money in a jar, and we will spend it together when I get home. Thank you :)

We have a few people who are progressing toward baptism. P, R and a few others. They are so great and working through some trials but doing what they should to come out on top. We are also teaching a lot of other people who are interested. We will see if they are willing to act. Our mission has set some goals and is making a few sacrifices and exercising much faith to be able to see miracles in this month. Our district leader and his companion are doing so so well. I am so happy for them. I pray for their investigators every night. They have about 12 at church yesterday (which just doesn't happen regularly in this mission).

General Conference is coming up! Who's pumped?!

Well, thanks for writing. I love you all. Keep me updated in your lives. 
Hermana Norton

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