Saturday, March 2, 2013

"I´m thinking about making my own verse to that hymn" (Sam)

Hello! It is great to hear from you!
   Things are going really well here in Sevilla. I think I may have mentioned the capilla here in Sevilla... its really big in comparision to all the capillas her in spain.. Like really big.. its basically the size of our stake center in.... but with two floors... O.o kinda cool. :).. and the best part is that its right on the corner of one of the buisier (busier?) (more busy......?) corners in the city.. so eeeveryone knows it. Its actually a lot more helpful than you´d think because there is a lot of good creyente people here but they just need a bump in the right direction to find the truth.. so when we mention that thats our church they say ´´ooh really?? I´ve always wondered what its like there. I always see it when I go over there..´´ so its kinda fun. :)
.................................... WOAH... acaba de llamarnos Presidente Deere............. O.o that means... President Deere just called us... I´m getting moved....... Hahah! Wow...
   Explanation... long story , edited ...What has been decided is that Elder Martínez is going to ´´Puerto de Santa María´´ to be with two other elders and I´m going to a place called ´´Aljarafe´´........ hah and I know like nothing about it! I´m pumped! I´ll be with a missionary thats about to end him mission at the end of march.. his name´s elder Blanch. His comp went home yesterday because he broke his foot and had to be operated on.. :/ he´ll come back in a couple months when he gets better. The area i´m going to has a lot of pueblos and therefore........ WE HAVE A CAR. :D :D :D I'm actually super pumped!

   President told me that in the next two days, we have to transfer all the investigators that we have back over to the Zone Leaders here in Sevilla because they are staying here and we are both leaving....... :\ its a bummer that we have to do so much changing but I know that there are so many things for me to learn in the next couple months! I´m am surprisingly excited!

   President also mentioned something about all the new missionaries and all the changes constantly happening and he said, ´´If you could see all the changes going on here you would be proud of how little i´ve made missionaries move and change areas. BUT there are one or two exceptions... one of them is Elder Norton´´. :) He knows and recognizes that I´m moving a lot.... haha I was basically emergency transfered from Málaga to Alcoy.. I was in alcoy for one transfer and then I left, and I´ve been here three weeks and now I´m leaving.......... Ha! Its crazy and he recognizes it. He told me sorry but I don´t worry about it. It doesn´t bug me.

   Anyways, I´ve gone over on my time today.... :( haha so I gotta go. Just know that I am doing great and I am loving my mission.
 I know that my Mission President is the Lord's servant and that I am just an instrument in the hands of the Lord.
 "I´ll go where you want me to go"..... 
even if you want me to leave right after 
I get there....... :)
 I´m thinking about making my own verse
 to that hymn. :D

   I love you all! I actually had ZERO idea that there were 58 newly announced missions........... así que, FILL ME IN. WHERE? WHEN? HOWWW? :) Love you!

-Elder Norton

 ps: I´M SO PUMPED TO TALK WITH ALL OF YOU ABOUT MY MISSION! We´re gonna have a million stories to tell you guys when we get home! Missions are the best!
-Elder Norton

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