Friday, June 28, 2013

"Choose to have a good week!" ( Hilary )

Beautiful Hermanas!
We didn't hear from Hilary this week but thanks to a couple of friends of hers I have these excerpts to share. 

The first is a little bit of an email from Sister Ghent, her mission president's wife:

Hello Sister Norton,
I just saw Hermana Norton this afternoon and she looked beautiful and is a mighty missionary.  President Ghent gave Hermana Norton the additional assignment of being a sister leader in the mission, so currently she is in a trio and being trained in that assignment.  Hermana Cantos, who is also wonderful, will be Hermana Norton´s companion when Hermana Cooper returns home this Tuesday.  As a sister leader Hermana Norton will attend the Mission Leadership Council meetings, travel and train the other hermanas in the mission.  This Saturday the mission will be divided, the Quito mission and the Quito North mission.  Hermana Norton will be in the Quito mission and President Richardson will be her new mission president.  We have great confidence in Hermana Norton.  She is so thoughtful too.  For Mothers Day she wrote me a beautiful note which meant a lot to me.  We will miss Hermana Norton, she is petite, yet she possess a mighty spirit which lights up a room.  She will continue to do great work for the Lord!

The second excerpt is what Hilary sent to a friend

My assignment consists of doing divisions with each companionship of sister missionaries to help them for a day and train them in what they might need. We help out with any problems and answers questions that the sisters have. It is a very broad assignment, me explico? Anyway, it's super cool and super fun and super exhausting and I love it.

Hermanas Harris and Norton
Ofelia Pusuqui is my new sector and my companion's names are Hermana Cooper (from Texas) and Hermana Cantos (from  Ecuador). They are so great! We are having so much fun. They are really sweet. This sector is literally the middle of the world. It is really hot in the day and really cold at night! Sam Harris started her mission here! Everyone talks about her, I love it! Hermana Harris had to go home sick a little while ago. I hope she is doing well. If you run into her tell her I love her!

Okay, we have an investigator who will be baptized soon who was living with the father of her daughter, but they aren't married. This is a huge problem everywhere.  Anyway, she wants to be baptized (he's already a member) so the other day we explained the law of chastity and the following day we visited them and he was living in a different house on that same property. They are great and both really want to keep the commandments. Saturday we were going to have a baptism, but it fell through. The font was full and everything. That is one of the most dreaded mission experiences and I thought I would make it through without that. R was going to be baptized but there was a whole bunch of opposition suddenly from her daughter and she called us saying she wouldn't be able to be baptized and that she was sick, etc... So sad! I hope we can help her out this week because she had already had her interviews with the district leader and with our mission president's counselor and everything and she was so sure! Pray for her! The good thing was that yesterday we did have a confirmation of a kid who got baptized with his mom and then hadn't ever gotten confirmed. It was like five weeks later, but hey! He had a huge change of heart and is really doing good now!

Be happy! Choose to have a good week!

Hermana Norton

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