Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"... he kept the Sabbath and later in the evening felt an impression that something was going to happen ..." (Hilary)

Dear Family

The week went well. We saw a miracle this week that really boosted our animos (spirits) and we are excited to keep working.

M A was baptized Saturday. His original baptism date was last Saturday and a few days before his baptism he explained that he didn't feel ready and that he wanted to run a test. He was having a hard time keeping the Sabbath, so last Sunday he did everything in his power and obeyed completely, waiting for a specific blessing in return. When he explained to us he wanted a specific blessing, I remember explaining to him that he needed to keep in mind that when he would be baptized, he would receive many blessings. That Heavenly Father had given him many answers and that sometimes we have to take the first step, having faith. It wasn't that I didn't believe that Heavenly COULD bless him with a job, it was just that I wasn't sure if that was Heavenly Father's plan or will and I didn't want him to push off baptism waiting for blessings he might receive after exercising his faith and being baptized. Well, I didn't want to pressure him so we told him we would push off his baptism. Sunday came and went and he kept the Sabbath and later in the evening felt an impression that something was going to happen Wednesday. Wednesday he was called about a job. We visited him Thursday and he was sure and convinced that he needed to be baptized and that Heavenly Father had been listening to his prayers. It was really amazing. He still has a lot to learn, but since I met him, I have seen an incredible difference in his humility and obedience and faith.

Hermana V is doing really well. She has been struggling with tooth pain since she got here, and it gets to the point where she won't talk during lessons or contacting. Today we saw a dentist and they pulled the tooth. I am hoping she'll be willing and able to work now.

We are at a point where we are searching for new investigators because those who were going to progress are now baptized and those who weren't we are letting go of. We have been praying and asking for references and haven't received many, but we will continue to ask and pray for them. And to be able to find the people that Heavenly Father has prepared for us.

Okay, the Hermana that is going to be in Utah is named P. Montoya-Romero. She feeds us Sundays and Tuesdays. Her husband is in the stake presidency and they are THE GREATEST. Anyway, she is so great and I really care about them so much. I will give you her email address so you can get in touch.  I haven't tried on the new skirt yet, but it looks super great!! I think I would like another like that if you can find one. For the most part I don't need anything else. I am getting rid of a lot. I am going to see what I can send to you with her. You can ask her if she'll have time to eat with you or you can just get her something nice... I don't know. I will think of what it could be.

Well, I know the other day I told you I would be home the first week of November. I am not sure anymore. At that point that was the truth, but now they are saying they are going to be changing things. I am so so sorry. Please continue with your plans and I will let you know as soon as possible when I will be home. This week we should be seeing some changes, so I will keep you updated. 

Okay, I have to go for now. I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Hermana Norton

Listed below are a few thoughts from others about the blessings of keeping 
the Sabbath Day holy

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life? - Personal StoriesAngela Dawn Angela Dawn answered...

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy has been a blessing to my life. Before joining the church, we would swim in our back yard pool every Sunday. We are taught instead to spend time with our families in prayer, scripture study, journal writing, visiting the sick, singing hymns, listening to uplifting music, resting, and attending all of our Sunday meetings. Watching TV or going shopping is not keeping the sabbath holy. It is one of the ten commandments I feel is forgotten the most due to its construed meaning. It was hard for us to keep the sabbath holy because we loved swimming every Sunday evening - it was a family ritual. We decided it was important to obey all the commandments, not just the ones that were the easiest. I am so grateful we did because one Sunday evening, a car was driven in our pool along with the fence. It could have killed us or caused serious harm to the members of our family. I have a testimony of keeping the sabbath holy and know the commandments truly help us. I believe that as we trust in the Lord, we will not feel deprived of anything!

Kalia Kalia answered...

Church services refresh my week and my life. I find that I am able to focus more on all that I have to accomplish, and remember the purpose behind it all, when I begin each week by attending the three meetings held each Sunday by the church. The central focus of our worship services is our Savior. I am grateful for our Sacrament Meeting, where we have the opportunity to partake of the Bread and Water in rememberance of Christ's atoning sacrfice and where members of the congregation are called upon in advance to give talks on different Gospel topics. I have come to understand for myself, and gain a testimony of God's great wisdom in provide us the Sabbath day. A day to rest from OUR labors (not His labors), to rejuvenate ourselves with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to feel strengthened by the faith of those around us. I know that, just as God has said "the Sabbath day was made for man, not man for the Sabbath". I have gained so many blessings from honoring the Sabbath Day. My testimony has grown and I have been strengthened. Every time!!

Amber Amber answered...

Attending Church and partaking the sacrament each week strengthens me and gives me a new resolve to do better the following week. I am so grateful for the Sabbath! Without the Sabbath and the sacrament, I feel I would get so worn and overwhelmed with life. Going to church and observing the Sabbath help me to gain a greater perspective of why I'm here, where I am in life, and what I need to be doing to be happy to return to my Father in Heaven.

Josh Decker Josh answered...

Attending Church services has helped me to truly appreciate the commandment of honoring the Sabbath. From learning more about the scriptures, to being able to actively participate in learning and teaching, and to strengthen my faith in the Savior have helped me appreciate the need for a "sabbath" day where we intentionally set aside the concerns that we deal with from day to day and have the opportunity to be in a spiritual context to help us better deal with those concerns and to honor a commandment that has plenty of promises associated with it. The world disregards the Sabbath and I am grateful to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where this commandment is reinforced and attending Church services is a glorious part of helping me live this commandment.

Jess Jess answered...

Sundays are my favorite days. Let me tell you why. I love the Sabbath because I get to go to Church, partake of the sacrament, and renew covenants and promises that I made with God. I also get to feel of His love and His Spirit when I am at Church. In a way, it lets me "recharge my batteries" for the week. It hasn't always been easy to put the Lord first, especially on the Sabbath. I am in a field of study that often would require me to work on Sundays, although I am still in school. I made the decision to tell my instructors and professors of my beliefs and ask if I could have Sundays off to worship and come closer to Christ. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do, and required more courage than I think I had. Although many of my peers and instructors think that I have "limited" myself because of this decision. But because of that decision, my life has been so blessed because I can do those things that are not only important to me, but to Heavenly Father. I have seen a difference in my life because I observe the Sabbath and do my best to keep it holy, and attend Church services. I am uplifted and enlightened, I get to serve others as well as teach and learn from them.


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