Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"I hope I am never the Hilary I was before my mission." (Hilary)

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing so well!

We have had a good week. It was a bummer to see Hermana Rodriguez go because we had a lot of cool experiences together here in this sector. I learned a lot during my time with her and more than anything I really enjoyed it. But things are going really well with my new companion, Hermana Valera. She is fun and I have tried to help her out in little ways so that the two of us can keep progressing. She has a great spirit and positivity.

Today was a super fun p-day. We went to Cotopaxi (I think the highest Volcano in our mission) as a zone. It was a super difficult hike and it was extremely COLD, but we made it helping each other along the way. I found myself pulling my poor companion who just wasn't going to make it. When I got tired, other missionaries pulled her. It was super steep. Anyway, we couldn't make it to the VERY TOP because that takes like seven hours, but we made it really far and it was so cool! We really made it as a group and I was reminded that life should be like that. I was reading the other day in the Liahona that the  ordinances that lead us to the Exaltation are things we do with others, o sea, with our family members. I have learned a lot during the mission about service and working with others. I am really grateful I am here. I think I am learning to be more patient and loving and humble in my relationships with others. I hope I am never the Hilary I was before my mission. Elder Holland says in one talk, we should never be the same person we were before the mission. Even if we were great, that was a "young great," he says. I love that!

Okay, M A was not baptized Saturday, but he will be THIS coming Saturday. He is doing really well, he was just feeling pressured on the date. Anyway, he has a lot of changes in his life and is growing in his faith. J and A and Y and G are all doing really well.
The other day we did divisions with two sisters who just got called to a new calling here in our mission, "leader sisters" or something like that. I don't know, there isn't really a title. Anyway, their responsibility is to do divisions with every companionship every transfer and see how we are doing and how we can improve and all that. It went well and it was super fun! I will send a picture with Hermana Cooper. It was cool.
Did I mention last week that a couple weeks ago Hermana Rodriguez got bit by a dog? It was crazy.
Tell Mitch and Adam that I love them!
Dad, tell everyone that is receiving their calls and preparing to go out to serve that I say congratulations and work hard. I wish them the best. These are the greatest opportunities ever. The best two years, to be completely cliche and sappy.
Okay, July 5 mas o menos a family we eat lunch with a couple times a week will be in Eagle Mountain. They are THE GREATEST. I literally feel like they are my parents/best friends here in Calderon. Anyway, Hermana Paola Montoya Romero offered to take something to you and bring something back for me. Just as a heads up. SHe will be emailing you. She knows a bit of English. ANyway, I hope you can meet and do something nice for her. I can't express how much they have done for me.
I love you!
Hermana Norton

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