Saturday, June 8, 2013

"I have my personal computer/desk... I have like 10 of those wire baskets... I have an ELECTRIC STAPLER... Its the real deal." (Sam)


baptism goal for the month?

   Hello family and friends! Thanks for reading and writing! I love the updates I receive from you guys.
Don´t worry about last week on saturday! It gave me a little extra time to write an email all in spanish. :) It was actually harder than I thought it would be.. but I have to get used to it now.. seeing that its what I do here in the office. A lot of what I've been doing these last couple of ´´weird weeks´´ has been communicating with landlords and companies that are the mediators between the ´´renter´´ (me) and the dueños or landlords. So a looot of phone calls and a looot of emails. All in spanish... all about a stinkin 11 page apartment contract..... :) haha Its veery different than what I was doing two and a half weeks ago.

   Several days ago, we received the ´´transfers´´ from President............................... the BIG FAMOUS TRANSFERS. hah and we in the office received it right when he finished it so we could make the mission travel plans and the new phone lists, etc. Anyways, its been really weird and crazy around here because we HAVE to get some of these things done... like by deadlines is what I mean. So its less ... "go out... and find people... and teach.... and try to baptize monthly..."  but its more like..."ok here´s the transfer information that no one knows about yet.  By saturday midday the travel plans need to be done. By Monday morning all the mission tickets have to be bought. On tuesday, 17 new missionaries will arrive and will meet their trainers and after need to reach their designated areas by midday the next day... and etc..." haha its different. The responsibilities are completely different. I was talking with one of the other office elders a day or two ago and we were talking about how it is honestly like a full time job... hah... I have my personal computer/desk... I have like 10 of those wire baskets... I have an ELECTRIC STAPLER... Its the real deal. :D

   So wednesday started off kinda rough. At 4am we left to take Elder M to the airport........ yeah. My first ´´hijo´´ in the mission. He's been having sporadic health/heart emergencies and he had to be sent home. :\  It was nice to be able to give him one last hug in the airport and hand him a little letter I wrote him and picture of when we met at the mission home. He´s content with what he has done in his mission thus far. Which is important. I just hope he´s alright.

   Anyways, this last week and I think this following week will be the longest and hardest of my mission thus far. O.O... the week before transfer day and the week after transfer day. PRAY FOR US PORFAVOR. hah not to mention that President already gave me the list of the 7 new apartments I need to rent for next transfer. :)
   Although I know it sounds like i´m complaining a lot, know that I am pumped for this and excited !! Talking about it is how I show i´m looking forward to it! I honestly feel so so... useful! or needed! or... trusted! I don´t mean to boast but I´m just happy to be here and happy to give my work and energy. Missionary work on the street can get you down quickly if you are rejected by those you put your hand out to.. but being here i choose what I do and what I do is helpful. :)

I love you all! Thanks for everything again! CHALENGE FOR YOU. Go listen to President Hollands talk, ´´Safety for the Soul´´. We have it playing right now here in the office and its is amazing me. Elder Holland testifies with incredible power. It is each of our responsibility to KNOW with the same surety and testify with the same energy of heart. ´´lift where YOU stand´´

-Élder Norton

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