Thursday, August 15, 2013

"...a shout out to my earthly dad. I am convinced he is the greatest of them all!" (Hilary)

We have very little time to write today! I have been in the offices and picking up missionaries and dropping off others all day and now there isn't much time to write, I apologize! But the week has been great and lots is going on!

Well, Hermana Cantos has seen her last days with a missionary badge. Tomorrow she'll be released! I have really enjoyed my time with her and I am seriously going to miss her. She has been a great example to me and I have loved serving with her. I hope to be able to visit her in the future!!! I love her!!

I received two new companions: Hermana Bastidas (Ecuador) and Hermana Galdame (Argentina). Hermana Bastidas is the new Hermana Leader (with me) and Hermana Galdame jokes that she is our "secretary".... Haha!

The transfers are all crazy because we are trying to change our transfers calendar so it's not the same as the mission Quito so that the offices (same building, different floors) aren't crazy full on transfers day. So this transfer ends in two weeks, and until then we are a threesome. The two are super great. We are going to have a lot of fun. I am excited. 

C. A. is doing really well. Had an interview with President this week and it went well. He is telling everyone about his baptism that will happen in a couple weeks when a member gets ordained as a... presbitero. (I don't remember what that is in English.) C. C. (the C. that came from NY and was really struggling) is doing well. He has to have an interview with President as well this week, and is actually running into some opposition, but we are doing what we can to help him. We found a couple other new investigators this week that are great. O., for example, was a taxi driver we contacted a couple weeks ago. We don't usually give our number to many, but I felt like I should write it down on a little hand out card and give it to him and Wednesday he called. He said he really wanted to get together and he accepted a baptismal date. It was neat. I don't know what will happen in the future. I hope this is his time and I know that he will accept the gospel, but I just was really impressed with how everything played out. Few taxistas turn into investigators. COOL. It was really interesting what he said when we met him. "Things have worked out for me and I have been happy, but their has been one problem: I am not doing things the Lord's way. I know I need to come closer to Him."

I read a talk this week that I really liked. I think it was Elder Bednar talking about tender mercies. After studying I was meditating in some of the tender mercies I have seen in my life recently. I was filled with gratitude as I pondered in all the blessings I receive from the Lord. He is so aware of us and is so willing to bless us. I know that He cares about the littlest things - He is detail-oriented! And even with little things that shouldn't matter in the long run, He is willing to bless us and help us and provide us comfort. He is so loving.
a Daddy-Daughter Date in 1997

Speaking of dads, I just wanted to make a shout out to my earthly dad. I am convinced he is the greatest of them all. I love you so much, Dad and I want you to know how grateful I am for you. Sometimes I think about how much I love you and I just wish I could give you a giant hug and express my thanks. So, through the computer, I am sending my hug. I love you and mom so, so much. Thanks for all you do.

A couple of scriptures I have been pondering this week... D&C 11:8... Moses 1:39 "MY work" + D&C 11:20 "YOUR work." We should be participating in both, right? It is interesting that the scripture in Moses is so well known, but not the similar scripture in D&C 11. Interesting. I like it a lot. The Lord only asks of us to strive to be obedient. And then He blesses us and blesses us and blesses us (Mosiah 2:20-24).

Okay, I am going to see if I can write a couple more emails. I love you all! Hagan lo justo!

Hermana Norton

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