Monday, August 12, 2013

"My new Mission Motto: Missionary Work is a Treasure Hunt" (Sam)


My new Mission Motto: 
Missionary Work is a Treasure Hunt  
Anyone remember this treasure hunt? Name the movie...

   I wish I would´ve had it from the start! This past monday and tuesday we had a fantastic ´´concilio´´ which on google translate comes out as counsel. Its basically the monthly meeting held in the mission home with president, his wife, the APs and office elders, all the zone leaders, and all the sister training leaders (what Hilary is). Its more or less 40 people and they are the most spiritual and most motivating set of meetings. Sister Deere speaks, the APs have a workshop they teach and President teaches two seperate times. Then tuesday we have more of a concilio part of it which means like.. discussion and input and feedback from missionaries and whatnot. The monthly concilios are what allow missionaries get their thoughts and input to President and then they let president and the APs get their messages to the mission cuz the APs and and Training sisters take the lessons back to their zones and areas.

   So anyways.. One of President's workshops was on ´´Faith to find´´ and how ´´missionary work is a treasure hunt.´´ There are souls waiting to be found and helped! They are all around us! We just have to go out and dig a little and ask around and eventually we will find them. That´s my new motto that I´ve taken on. I hope that i will be able to really put it into practice and live it when I have more time in the streets.

   Thank you for the updates and for Will´s email! I'm going to write him! He´s closer to me than he is to you... :)
 I got the package! Thanks, it was really fun. Thank the YW (I think it was the young women......?) for their presents. :) Today we went to a famous site called Ronda so the treats and especially the Gushers came in handy. :) 
I´ll attach pictures of our adventures. COOL COOL PLACE.

I don´t have much time today but a quick update on some people.. We set fechas bautismales with the two filipino ladies that´ve been coming to church. I may have mentioned that. They´re doing great. M. and her family didn´t come...... :(( which is sad/frustrating cuz of the fact they said they´d come but at the same time its very understandable. Its like asking a single mother of 4 kids (two of which are younger than 8) to bring her family to our church in pleasant grove on bus from northern salt lake city............................. SIGH. Its a frustrating situation.

Office stuff is going well.. getting ready for the sept group. Its scary even to think about, hah. It´ll go well though. I´ve been praying and have actually felt the Lord´s help with this crazy piso situation... Its unreal to rent this many pisos in this little time...... AND President is still yet to tell me two more cities that we´re going to need pisos in THREE WEEKS. Just pray for me... :)

Anyways, sorry its not longer. I´m well and happy! Enjoy the photos and send me an SD card pronto! mine´s full of pictures you´ll wanna see! :)

Élder Norton

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