Saturday, August 31, 2013

"And thy days shall be spent in the service of thy God" (Hilary) and photos!

Hi everyone! Love you all! 
Although I LOVE missionary work, 
I have to admit, I LOVE Mondays as well because I LOVE hearing from 
my family and friends. 
You are all the greatest!
Okay, last week was LOCA! We worked so hard and it was so rewarding. The divisions went really really well. I had a lot of fun with these sisters. I am learning from them and I hope I am helping them.
So, today/yesterday are "transfers" and Hermana Galdame is going to head back to her area now when she receives her new companion. Guess who else is going to be receiving a nuevita.... YO. Finally I am going to have an HIJA. I have finished the training of a couple missionaries, but never started the training, so I hope it turns out okay. I am excited. We'll see how it turns out with our assignment as sister leaders as well. It will be a lot of balancing and everything, but it should be cool. I am excited. I'll let you all know what happens this week.
Okay, usually I write down a list of all of the things I need to write about, but I forgot to this week. I apologize!

Dad, I love you and hope you are doing well!   Mom, I couldn't read all of your email yet, but how cool that you ran into that couple! Please ask her from what part of Quito!!! Maybe I can visit her family (the daughter that is still here...). Please send me a copy of your notes from all those classes! They all sound soooo good!!

I don't know what to do about BYU yet. I will probably talk to President next month... Don't want him to think I am trunky yet. And about housing. When Sam Harris was here we always said we were going to live together. But she might be getting engaged soon and from there who knows what will happen. Kenz said that there is a girl in her ward moving out for winter semester and she asked if I wanted her to save the spot for me. I know you are soo sooooo busy, but if there is a day you find yourself in Provo, can you go see what the apartment complex THE COLONY is like. I asked her what the girl's roommates are like. I might just want to choose a place when I get home, you know? It seems like there are always people rushing to get out in November/December when they get engaged/get a job/get an internship, etc. What do you think?

Sam, I have an investigator here that has lived in "las isla canarias" for ten years. I don't remember how to say that in English. What is the latest? I miss you. I didn't get any email this week. Hope you are doing well.
Okay, everything is great! I love being a missionary and I love MY mission. The most random things make me reflect and remember how happy I am and how grateful I am. SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED, ¿sí o qué?

Okay, love you all! Thanks again for everything! I am sending photos!

Sister Norton

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