Thursday, August 22, 2013

"I was expecting someone ...older ..." (Sam)

I´m finally finding apartments!!

Prayer works! I´ve been praying non stop about the huge load of apartments that I have to rent for the transfer that starts in a week and a half and yesterday and the day before I saw like 5 miracle apartments just fall into our laps. SO THANKFUL.

My FOR SURE HIGHLIGHT of the time I´ve spent in the office was one of those MILAGROS. 
We´d been looking for an apartment in the 3rd ward of Málaga for a while and we found one that the missionaries liked. I started working with the real estate company and they had several complaints and things they wanted to change in the contract. And I thought.. "awesome, another one thats gonna take weeks of email battles and 50 changes to the contract", which btw is made by the church that they ask us not to change. Then the next night the missionaries called me again and said.." hey! we found a different, newer apartment for almost the same price and the realtor lady wants to talk with you right now!" So I started talking with her, she was really pushy about the ´´reservation $´´ or the ´´sign´´ that is paid to say that we wanted to reserve the apartment... and I was calm and direct.. like...
 ´´ok well I´d like to make it clear the we won´t be able to make any payments until
the owner understands and accepts the contract.´´
And she tried to like blow it off and convince me it wouldn´t matter... but I made it clear that i wouldn´t even go into Málaga to sit down until I had sent them the contract for the owner to read. :) So she finally gave in a little and realized that I knew what i was doing. hah. She got the owner's information and sent it to me, I made the contract really quick, and sent it to her so she could start reading it with the owner, and we headed into Málaga. Not to mention that its like 8 pm, and this real estate agency was about to close. We get there and both of the women that were working there AND the owner all turn to my companion (tall, wide kid from idaho) and started presenting themselves like.. "hello, elder Norton right??" hahaha and my comp just kind of steps aside... and I was like
"hi... uhh Yeah i´m elder Norton." And the lady goes.... "I was just talking with you on the phone?? You just made this contract??" haha, and then they were like... "I was expecting someone... older.... :D (not the first time thats been said to me.. its hilarious to watch people's reactions) So we sit down and they start asking a couple simple questions, just to kind of test me and whatnot. Then the head lady kind of just dives in for the kill... she´s like.. ´´ok well great. Now that your here, I´ll have you sign here ... Then the owner will take the contract home to be able to read it nice and tranquilamente (tranquilly???)
and then next week we´ll come together and iron out the contract details.´´
hoping I would be like..´´OKAY HERES YOUR MONEY. BYE!!´´
 (its funny cuz the realtors just want the contract to get signed cuz they´re not committing to anything)
 and I was like...
´´woah woah, I told you on the phone, I can´t sign till the owner reads the contract.´´
and then I explained that is our policy and we can't budge from it. AND that we had another (haha, leverage)
apartment in the city that we were already looking at that.
The two ladies in the agency wanted to leave and close the store but they weren´t gonna get their cabbage till the owner was in agreement with the contract, hah! ...
 and we had alllll the time in the world. :D haha so everytime the owner had even a small question or doubt, I didn´t even have to say anything.. :)   I just basically sat there waiting... while the realtor lady explained OUR contract... and the guy ended up agreeing with EVERYTHING. :P :P :P haha So I paid the reserve, we signed a couple papers, we shook their hands, and we were outta there. :)  It was honestly the most fulfilling thing! And plus it was reeeally nice to get an apartment basically rented in one night.
   Long story but I hope you liked it. Yesterday, I got information for another FOUR apartments too. Other HUGE miracle. Everythings coming together and its exciting.

Anyways, now I don´t have much time. Things are good! The Lord blesses those who ask. Lets see His hand more. I love you all! We´ll talk soon enough. We´re already halfway through august! we´ll be skyping again before we know it! :D ADIOS

Élder Norton

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