Monday, October 28, 2013

Catching up with Hermana Norton ( 2 emails & photos )

Oct 21, 2013
Hi everyone! It has been a long great week! I am a happy person and an especially happy missionary. Thanks for writing. I won't have time to write much today because of an activity we had that went much longer than it was supposed to.

Hm, what to write? Things are good here. Still with my four companions. We are able to divide and conquer which is super nice, especially in this sector which is somewhat difficult. We have been doing divisions and it is going well. I love this assignment. We have had a good week. We have been working really hard and are in the process of finding new people, because many investigators aren't progressing. We have been contacting and teaching new people and have found a couple families this week. The blessing is realizing that the Lord has guided us to these certain people for specific reasons and it is so apparent and we see His hand in our day. 
I have also been meditating a lot about the greatest moments of my mission and I have concluded that they are not necessarily baptisms but they are the moments that I see a real conversion in the people. When they make the connection, whether it be before the baptism, after, or years later, these moments are really the most beautiful. It is a sign that their actions and their experiences and their obedience has caused a change in their hearts and they have chosen to really accept Christ in their lives. It is such a blessing to be here in the mission.

The story you mentioned that Jacqueline had shared with you was a different sister. She is a super great sister who served her mission here in Quito years ago and one of her converts just recently got called to be a Seventy!!! WOW, right??? Anyway, she is so awesome and going through a really hard time and a few weeks ago I just really felt like we needed to visit her and it was definitely an impression from the Spirit. What a blessing it is to have his guidance. We can't do this work without him. 

Okay, by the way an elder told me that TODAY is registration for winter semester. But I don't know how to get all of that taken care of. Listen, can you please please please get it taken care of? Is there anyway you can get me into a couple classes real quick? Like D&C, a couple classes for the "English Language" major and a couple for the journalism major. Maybe a Spanish class as well? Maybe there is someone you can talk to about all this? Like a counselor on campus or something. Can you just do a little investigating? If you can't get it all worked out I am sure I can next week, but I would like to jump on that.

Okay, I have to go now.  I love you all! Sorry about the short email!

Oct 28, 2013

Hi all! Hope you are doing well! Thanks for writing! I love to hear from everything (and I never get tired of saying it, do I?). I especially enjoy receiving pictures of the world's cutest nephews and neice and long letters from my dad and mom. I love you so much Dad and I am glad you are doing so well. Thanks for writing. It means so much to me! I love seeing the photos of the trip!!! I hope you had so much fun!

The week went well. We are working hard and we did splits a few times. The sisters are doing well and I love sharing time with them and learning from them. It was my last time with Sister Galdame; I really have grown to love her. I am going to miss her. I am really grateful for all the friendships I have made here in Ecuador. Speaking of friendships, Jenny Farinango and her family came to visit me the other week. It is so great because they know where to find me and when I am least expecting it they pop and surprise me. I love them.

Well today there were emergency transfers and I was "robbed" of my "daughter". She was sent to Otavalo and I am finishing the training of another Sister, Sister Irepan. She is from Guadalajara, Mexico. I am going to send a picture of the five of us before Hermana Tarax had to go!

Okay, a funny story. A while ago we were doing our weekly planning for this week and one of my companions mentioned my birthday and started singing happy birthday in English (it is one of those things that everyone knows in English... I don't know...) So I started singing along, saying, "Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!!" It was funny and we were all laughing. Well, my poor companions have learned that I sleep talk. Everyday. Usually I am talking in Spanish, teaching a lesson, testifying, etc. But sometimes I speak in English and they can't tell me what I was talking about because they don't understand. Well, the other night I said something they did understand. I was singing "Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!!!" Sleep singing!!! QUÉ GRACIOSO. I died laughing when they told me the following morning. I guess underneath all this selfless, serving sister missionary is a little girl who is just excited to celebrate her own birthday. How funny.

I will love to go to the temple with Carolina and her family!! I am so excited! The family get together sounds great. I would like to keep things low key but I really want to see all the family. Thanks so much!

Enjoy the time with the Japanese exchange student! I wish I could have been there to meet him! That sounds like a fun experience!

I am going to start preparing my talk. I am excited. And don't worry, whichever date works.

Okay, love you all! Thanks for the pictures!! Can you forward Sam's email?

Hermana Norton

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