Friday, October 11, 2013

"Today the voice of the Good Shepherd is my voice." (Hilary)

Okay, so great to hear from EVERYONE! I love you all and it means the world to me to hear from you. You don't know how much I look forward to it. I don't think about it until Sunday night (just not to get distracted and all) but then all Monday it is at the front of my mind: TALKING TO FAM AND FRIENDS. I love you all so much.

Our baptism that was supposed to happen Saturday fell through, but we are working more with the members to help this family of investigators and we are also working to strengthen their testimony even more. They are a great family and I know they will get to the baptismal waters. C and M both had their baptismal interviews yesterday. The two are doing really well and both enjoyed conference. I have always felt that conference is such a help to investigators. Last Friday Sister Tarax and I visited C and had mentioned that we had bought notebooks to take notes in during conference. We really tried to convey to her our excitement. She showed up Sunday with her own notebook and took notes through the whole session. She is one of the people that has sincerely been searching for answers and said the other day she received her answer and knows that this is the true church and that she needs to be baptized. She is amazing and it has been such a happy blessing to be able to meet her and work with her. She is so cute, the other day we were talking about the Book of Mormon and she was just like, "I truly believe in this book. THe other day A (her BRILLIANT seven year old son) showed me something on Google about the twelve tribes and I made the connection. Why wouldn't God communicate with all His children?" They have the greatest little family. Next week I will send pictures. She is originally from the Galapagos and says when we come back she is taking us there to show us around.

Transfers were yesterday/today, but all is well and I am going to be able to finish here in Quito! No changes for me! Hallelujah! I am really grateful to continue in this assignment. I know there is so much I can do better and I have many weaknesses, but I liked what President Uchtdorf said. "I know I am not as Christlike as I should be, but I am earnestly striving!!"

Speaking of General Conference, what a great weekend. Each session was so great and there were many messages that I needed. More importantly, there were many excellent messages that I know were of great help and relevance (spelling?) to our investigators. I especially appreciated the message by Elder Terence M. Vinson and the story about the little boy trying to move a large rock. His father watches for a while, and finally decides to approach his son. "You need to use all your strength to move a rock this size." "I have used all my strength!" the little boy said. "No, because you haven't used mine." I loved that story and the analogy. I feel like I need to turn to the Lord more and trust in His strength. I also really loved what Elder Ballard said, "Today the voice of the Good Shepherd is my voice." What a powerful talk. I was well reminded of my duty here as a missionary and I am grateful for the time the Lord has given me to serve. Elder Holland's talk was really special for me... I just cried and cried. It was a good cry. I left conference just feeling so spiritually full! You know?? While at the same time wanting more! 

It was funny because there are so many North Americans in Quito that we had our own room during conference and got to listen in English! I loved it. It was just a room full of really white people with light colored hair and sooo many little kids that were way loud and one sister walked in and was like, "Hooray for English!!" Which totally expressed what we were all feeling. 

It was also so nice to hear that in every prayer we (as missionaries) were prayed for. As those prayers were offered I literally felt the weight on my/our shoulders made lighter. So many members don't realize the differences they can make by helping in the simplest ways. Okay, we don't have any time. I love you all! I am going to write a little more, but sending this email first.

Sister Norton

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