Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"I will boast of my God" (Sam)

Good to hear from you and great to see those pictures!

Things are really great and I´m doing well. Really, my health is good and we´ve been able to catch up on some sleep that we totally lost during the crazy days of transfers week. Things are great.
The weather here is cooling down a lot but its not quite cold yet. Its perfect. I´ve been wearing long sleeves recently and I´m gonna get rid of my old super used short sleeves shirts. I put them on now and they are like TENTS. They´re huge!! American clothing is so different from european clothing! Plus I think I´ve lost the (little) upper body size that I had from working out with Nate before the mission. Weird... he´s home... AHH!

We have a car here in the office so we listen to CDs all the time. And we usually put the music on the computers in the office so we can listen to music while we work. Thanks for sending a package. I´ll let you know when I get it. And I´m excited for that one CD. If you do send other ones, try to find Christmasy ones from those artists. :)

ALMA 26:12! Exactly! Its been interesting, I´ve spoken with Elder Castillo a couple of times about this exact same concept recently. So so many miracles happen here in the office. To an incredulous person, they would seem like nothing or maybe a really nice coincidence, but we know and we recognize that they happen for a reason a they happen because we have done our part, or as Elder Castillo puts it, we´ve put in the leg work... literally sometimes. :)
Yea, I know that I am anothing; as to my strength I am weak; 
therefore I will bnot boast of myself, but I will cboast of my God, 
for in his dstrength I can do all ethings
yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, 
for which we will praise his name forever.

I had heard how dad broke his arm but I didn´t hear many other details.. mostly just cuz I think it makes him slow at typing so he can´t write much.. :) right dad? No worries, I understand! Thanks for the update. Keep me in the loop.

Today was an eventful P-day. I´ll explain it all in more detail a little later but basically there were five of us living in our apartment (big apartment.. for like 6 or 8 people) before this transfer ended, but as of this transfer, Élder Crapo and I are the only ones that live there. Its been nice to have the place all to ourselves but transfers are always crazy and when the other three left, they didn´t really clean.... anything. haha So Elder Crapo and I cleaned for about 4 and half hours this morning and Mom, you would be proud. :D No, really. It looks good.
 And we did a really deep clean. Hah and then honestly within the 5 minutes between finishing cleaning and me getting in the shower, the water for the entire building got cut...... haha so that was interesting. We went and bought groceries and a new shower head for my shower... (that was left broken by the three that left... :P) and when we got back the water was on again, so I started the laundry back up and showered and we got ready. Right before we left, I pulled the clean laundry out and found that it had pieces of.... who knows what.... speckled through it from when the water was turned off and on.. hah cool! Eventful day.. but not really compared to the past couple of days...(transfers).. :D

I love reading Hilary´s emails. Its so interesting to me how different our emails and our missions are right now. I love hearing about all of her investigators and everything.. and sometimes I feel like my emails need to have that too! We do need to try to get out more but I shouldn´t compare our emails. We have different jobs. So we´ll have different fruits of our labors. I´m really glad she is having the experiences and the success she´s having.

Thanks again for everything. I loved the photos you sent! WOW. So weird to see you all. But you all look so great!

Love you all!

Élder Norton

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