Monday, October 8, 2012


Elder Holland speaking to the press about missionary age change announcement

Wow! Conference was awesome! Soo many questions answered! Don´t you just love the spirit?

  Its great to hear from everyone! I love getting your emails and whatnot. Updates, info, questions, everything. Life is so great! ´´So much to be grateful for´´.

   So my new comp´s name is Elder Lyman. He´s from Riverside California and he has 22 months in the mish. So in our missionary terms.. he´s going to die here in Málaga. :) I´m gonna ´´kill´´ him. Haha so i´ll be here in Málaga this transfer and then the next as well. I´ll probably be here till after Christmas. Which is good cuz I don´t want to have to move right before Christmas and not know anyone. Málaga rocks. The members here are THE BEST.

   WOW. Wasn´t conference just awesome??? So, so powerful. I know we´re not supposed to choose favorites or anything but........ ELDER HOLLAND ROCKS. Woww.. they announced that he was going to speak and I got goosebumps.. :) he didn´t even have to speak and I had goosebumps! Then he blew my face off with his talk. Wow. "Do.. You.. LOVE.. ME?" So much meaning!

   Well things are awesome here. We have 4 in our piso now. We only have one bathroom and everyone sleeps in our room cuz there´s AC.. its un poco chungo... that means.. like.. its a little sketchy. Anyways, everythings nice so I can´t complain! We have 5 fechas right now. D and Ro, the couple... M, the lady that lives with them... Mx, the argentine guy... and a Nigerian named N that we was a reference from a recent convert. We´re working with his wife as well. We want them to be baptized together. We´ll see!

   My comp has finished on the computer and is ready to goo...... so I have to go. But I love you! I´m soo so excited about the new announcement about the missionary age! So cool! Mom, do you remember exactly 1 year ago, the morning session on saturday, I slept through the first 15 minutes of saturday morning conference and when I came up you were like.."you missed it! They just announced that you can go when you're 18!" And I almost died??? You remember that? I lost it when I heard it was real!! :) Mom, don´t ever doubt that you can receive personal revelation! :)

   I love you all!! Please keep me updated on the world. I love, love updates on random interesting things... your lives, stocks, sports, byu, earthquakes, technology, elections todo!!!! ADIOS.

-Elder Norton

Here at the Norton home we are HUGE fans of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland ... follow this link to learn more about him and to connect to several of his recent talks click here

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