Monday, October 15, 2012

You would be acting against your purpose not to obey these simple commandments. (Sam)

   Not too much happened this last week.. but what did happen was great! Do. and his wife R. were baptized this past saturday! So exciting! The lady that lives with them, M, wants to take a little more time. We´re still working with her and we are expecting next saturday or the next. Mx. had a really bad tooth infection and we had to postpone his baptism.. :( Its ok.. he´s ready to take upon himself the covenants but he will keep learning and he will be baptized soon.

   That is by far the best feeling on the mission. Pulling out the long sleeve white shirt, the white pants, finding that pair of white socks, and tying on a completely white tie. :) THATS OUR PURPOSE! Whooo!

   The spliting of our area has been pretty rough!.. My new comp is awesome. He´s from California and he is very smart. He knows soo many words in spanish. Even little random words.. basically he knows em all.  ....... long story edited ... So anyways.. its been kinda rough ... and our numbers are down ... but We´re good. I have things that the Lord needs me to learn and maybe its the same with Elder Lyman. We´re working hard and if we match our will with the will of the Lord, we don´t have to worry.  Sorry if that was a little heavy! :) Things are great.. the mission is just full of ups and downs. Gotta keep working through em!

   Last night, Elder Lyman and I and another companionship in the other ward, traveled to Fuengirola, the neighboring city and we visited this senior couple of missionaries, Elder and Hermana Spainhower... and they made us dinner. :) And it was like a huge breath of home. Honestly, we ate enchiladas that reminded me of moms... they weren´t as good but they reminded me of yours, and we had these other burrito things, and we had this apple crummble stuff and vanilla ice cream..... ahhh so good! and then we walked out onto the back balcony and they look out right over this golf course............................. I JUST ABOUT DIED. I want to play soo bad! :) .......i hope you guys are practicing........... imma come home an beat you! But their window is right over the tee box of the dog leg right par four.... I wanted to grab my hybrid and go hit a nice little fade up onto the green.. :).... We´ll see! A sister missionary here in Malaga, hermana Latendri, and I are trying to organize a pday where a bunch of us go hit the range. So.... another thing to pray for I guess!......... O.o.. :) just kidding.

   I helped our bishop the other day with a song that he wrote. He wanted to put it down onto sheet music and so we set up an appointment to meet at the church and he sang the song to me and I found it on the piano and wrote it down on some blank sheet music. :) Kinda fun. He was super appreciative and wants me to help him with another one soon.

   Anyways, our times up.. lemme see if there were any specific questions you had..... Oh, i´m glad you got the letter! Sorry for the one pager to mom and dad and the 25 pager to Adam. I promise I love you all equally :) I just email you guys every week and Adam almost never. haha anyways, send me the card whenever. The one i´m using now still has a lot of room so we´re good.

   Thank you for that spiritual thought. Loved that story!
   I love you! Ask everyone to write me letters! I love letters! And tell everyone you see that Sam says hi... cuz if I were there I would tell them hi... :)

Love you all! Read more!.... actually STUDY more! Pray more... actually talk with your heavenly father more! And never miss a church meeting or activity. ITS THE REASON WE´RE ON THE EARTH. You would be acting against your purpose not to obey these simple commandments.
-Elder Norton

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