Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I received a little piece of revelation that I have been searching for for months (Hilary)

Okay, hey all! Hope this letter finds you happy and healthy! What a great weekend, right? And today also has been so nice. Life is really good.

Okay, first of all, girls can leave at nineteen!!!!! Just like Mom said, the minute President Monson made that announcement, I knew it was a divinely influenced decision. I immediately thought of A . And next, all the C. girls. I am going to write a couple letters and send them home for you to deliver to these girls, Mom, I am so happy that these blessings and this opportunity is going to be so much more available to so many girls. What an incredible blessing this will be. Wow.

Okay, so conference in general was so amazing. Below is what I wrote to President Ghent. 

All is going so well here. What a great weekend. I love conference and especially listening as a missionary, from a totally different aspect.

I am so so grateful to be companions with Hermana Marca and we are working really hard right now. We haven´t seen immediate results to our efforts, but we have been doing our best to continue working with faith that God will keep His part of the promises He gives us. He will bless us and we will see the fruits of our labors. Near the end of this week we felt like, although our lessons weren't perfect, we had really strived to do all we could to bring the Gospel to our investigators. We decided to fast and leave it up the Lord. Sunday morning we met an investigator who sincerely has the desire to be baptized and realized that God will always answer our prayers in HIS own way.

It was really neat listening to conference with a few investigators in mind and also being able to feel the Spirit so strongly. There were a few moments when I received impressions and answers of ways I can help the people I am teaching. I am so grateful for our prophets and the leaders of our church and how intune they are with our needs.

A few of my favorite messages were from Larry Echo Hawk on the Book of Mormon, from Robert C. Gay on integrity and repentance, from Scott D. Whiting, from Elder Eyring, and, of course, from Elder Holland. A few thoughts I gained from this weekend.
"The Lord knows the level of our efforts." Scott D. Whiting
"His time should be enough for us knowing that He wants for us only the best. ... The Lord's delay often seem long... but they are always calculated to bless." Elder Eyring
"Love God and remain clean." Elder Holland
"He is aware of our needs and will help us if we call on Him." President Thomas S. Monson

One thing that is so interesting to me about conference is that although the messages are generally on topics we are familiar with, they will touch our hearts in new ways. Something else I learned this weekend also is that as I promise people the answers to their prayers, I need to remember this promise applies to me as well. God knows me better than I realize and He has my best interest in mind, as well as the best interest of each person here in Ecuador.

So this morning I received a little piece of revelation that I have been searching for for months. It came so unexpectedly as I was applying my mascara and the minute it came, all my mascara washed off. It was a really special moment and when I think about it I want to cry again. It was really comforting and empowering and I just want to re-testify that God knows us all so personally and sees the future and is guiding us in every way.

Mom, I don't know if I can express to you how much this birthday gift is meaning to me. So many of these letters have included EXACTLY what I have needed to hear this week. I don't know if all who wrote me realized what a blessing this would be for me. Thank you times a million Mom. I love you and am so amazed by all you do for me. All I know is this is the best gift I have ever received and November 1st will be a lonely morning.

Dad, How incredible are these experiences you are having right now? I am amazed. How cool that you were able to answer so many of her questions and be prepared to be exactly what she needed. Elder Holland always teaches of how we should return home from the mission, but never leave the mission field (something along those lines). Your missionary efforts, Dad, have gone so much farther than Chicago, Illinois.

Oh, funny story! The other day a man chewed us out for not knowing Quichua... I'm sorry; it hasn't made it on the priority list since I still am learning Spanish and I am worrying about the salvation of these people here! :)

Well. I have more to say, but I have to go soon so I'll finish up here.

I love you all! Thank you for everything.

Hermana Norton

Love God and remain clean!

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  1. So glad you are maintaining this blog, Jo. I love your amazing kids, and love reading their letters. Such big news about the missionary age changing. I don't know how much it will change for boys -- I think a lot of boys may still decide to go to a year of school or at least a semester before submitting papers -- but I think SO many more young women will go on missions now. I think is sweet Hil and the amazing influence for good I am sure she is having on the people she is serving, and am so excited that so many more young women will be doing the same thing very soon. Yeah!