Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Monday from ESPAÑA! (Sam)

Happy Monday from ESPAÑA!

   Wow. Things could not be better! So much going on in the mission its crazy! I think I may have mentioned it last week but I can´t remember so I´m gonna say it again. The transfer ended yesterday and this transfer Elder Núñez and I are getting new comps.......!!!!!!! Wow! Its crazy! We´re both staying in our area and we´re both getting new comps! We´re gonna have four elders in our piso. I´M PUMPED. My new comp is named Elder Lyman and he gets here tomorrow so I still don´t know him. We haven´t completely decided what we are going to do but we´re thinking about splitting the area exactly in two and then just going to work... then again, Elder Lyman and I may end up working in a pueblo just outside of Málaga thats called Torre Molinos.. ooorrrrr we may just not split anything and just work together in one big area. We haven´t decided yet and I don´t think we will until we´re with the newbies that are coming. We´ll see!

   We haven´t talked or visited Mx since last week............. and he didn´t come to chruch....... :( but he told us in the middle of the week that he was sick so we´re thinking thats why. No worries. That guy read all of 1st Nephi after the first visit that we had with him and by the third he was done with 2nd Nephi.... . Its only a matter of time ..... :D. He lives a ways away and its kinda hard for us to visit him cuz we don´t have a car.. thats another reason my comp and I might just travel out there every day.. We´ll see. Do., R, and M are awesome!! They had a poor experience in church and then didn´t end up coming this week but they are progressing and learning and growing soo much. They have kids and were worried that their kids were going to be making too much noise in church and then when they got there, they sat in the back and all the other little kids and the whole ward was making more noise than they expected (just cuz its a ward full of mormons.. sorry.. we have a lot of kids..) and they couldn´t hear much of anything... :\ but they were super cool about it. E. Núñez and I knew they hadn´t really enjoyed church so we were going to just let the topic settle and not talk about it but basically right when we got there they opened the conversation up and were like.. hey! we´re gonna be honest.. we didn't really enjoy church.... there was too much noise! Haha... We´ll see. I have seen that people come to a point where the gospel begins to fill wholes and challenges in their lives.. so much so that there is little to nothing that can take them away from it. They see and feel and come to know the necessity of it in their lives and it only becomes a matter of time before they choose baptism. Not to say that Elder Núñez and I are going to let up, just saying that they are doing well, seeing the importance, learning, and keeping their commitments. The baptismal fechas for Mx, Do, R, and M are all for the 13th of Oct and everything's looking good. 

   Mom, to answer your questions... Everyone is safe and well in the mission. It rained for a day and half where we are and...... not anymore. :) Yeah there´s been some flooding in Spain but nothing for us. P-day was great. We (Elders Núñez, triana, geest, bailey, jones, pallas, forrest, neira, and I) went on a hike with a girl in one of the Málaga wards thats thinking about a mission. Kinda cool. I was telling her about Hil.. and how she didn´t know if she was gonna serve and that she´s out there baptizing the world right now.. :) We came back to Málaga and found M in the street and started talking. All is well. The ward(s) are are awesome! We´re serving in the 2nd ward but the 1st ward attends our building as well and so we meet both wards. A lot of the members that pertenecen............. are in our boundries... go to the other ward.... I don´t know why..  but we´re trying to get it all figured out.. We eat at our bishops house every other saturday. He's awesome. He loves music and he asked me to help him put this song that he made up onto sheet music. Service hours! :) We´ll see how that goes! Tell Sister Erekson thanks again. REALLY, she´s awesome. The youth here are awesome! Most/basically all are from barrio 1 buts its ok. I play piano in Priesthood and I am growing to love the piano more and more. I took it for granted at home. I love to just sit down and play now. btw, next package, I would love a copy of ´´waterfall´´ and ´´all of me´´ from the jon schmit book. Thanks. We don´t teach lessons during church hours like we did in HO.. I kinda liked that cuz we could teach to our investigators needs.. but no problem. Anyways.. thats all for now. I have letters for the fam that I haven´t sent yet. THE MISH IS CRAZY. Sorry. Ask people to write me! :D Thats all from me! 

Love you all!  BYE.
-Elder Norton

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