Monday, October 29, 2012

"Remember that water doesn´t boil until it reaches 100´ Celsius"(Sam)

Every door will be knocked!
Hello family and friends!
   I feel like my emails are getting lamer and lamer every time I write. I don´t feel bad if you (friend or family member) have no desire to read these....... :) Just send me a written letter and I will have something specific and fun to write to you. I promise!

   Anyways, things are great. We have found several new investigators and several less actives that we have been visiting and helping come back to church. Biiiig big bummer yesterday though.. none of the three less active families or investigators that we are working with came to church..................... Bummmer. That and a lot of other things that i´m learning and seeing here in the mish make me think a lot about the will of the Lord. I won´t be able to explain all of my thoughts... but I´m going to try. ..... One of the biggest surprises for me as a missionary.. and I hate to burst the bubble of many still at home but I have a point I want to make....... Just as putting on a white shirt every Sunday and highlighting the scriptures you hear in church doesn´t necessarily make you a faithful member, putting on a name tag and walking around in the street for 10 hours a day doesn´t necessarily make you a faithful missionary. Faith. Faithfulness. BEING Faithful comes from something much deeper. Much... more fundamental. OBEDIENCE and being submissive to The WILL of the Father. There is a BIG difference between doing something because everyone is doing it or because everyone tells you its right, and doing something because you have counseled with Heavenly Father and you know it's HIS will.
   I am seeing others ...... lose focus on the work. Lose desire to work, to find, to help, to serve. I am making it sound worse than it is.. but right now, I am seeing a very clear line between doing something because the Lord wants it to happen, and doing something for Any other reason. please OBEY MORE. We have so, so, so many opportunities for blessings. So many opportunities to show our Father that we trust him and will, until the end of our days on this earth. Let's show him that we have power over the natural man. We have power over Satan and that we are going to use the very agency he tried to take away from us, to follow Christ and be obedient to the Father.

   Anyways.. I rant sometimes. Just ponder that. Remember that water doesn´t boil until it reaches 100´ Celsius. Likewise, we are not being obedient until we are 100% obedient. Never miss a prompting ... and do what Jesus would do.

Watch this and pay attention to the will of the Lord and the will of the Father
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ADMO. Doctrina y Convenios 115:5............ levántate y brilla, para que tu luz sea un estandarte a las naciones. Te Quiero! También... The next time you send a letter, will you make photocopies of George Winston´s ´´Sandman´´ piano song from that george winston book we have? I think its in there. I think. THANKS KID.

   The work here is great. Really quick cuz I´m out of time... This one new investigator that we found is from Brazil and lives with 4 other Brazilians. One of which is his wife. THEY´RE ACTUALLY MARRIED. YESSS. We´ve met with him twice and he told us his wife wanted to meet with us too. We challenged him to be baptized and he said... of course of course! If I know, of course I would be baptized!... and then when we asked if we could read a specific part to read in the BOM he told us he wanted to read it all....... so we´ll see how that goes. :) His name is P. and we´re excited.

   That's basically the update. Lots of other little things here and there.. lots and lots of people yelling who knows what at you through the.... timbre... I don´t know how to say that in English.. its like the doorbell but there's a speaker so you can talk back and forth. Every apartment is like that... so anyways, just a couple days ago we were knocking doors and we hit the timbre of this one lady and she more or less hung up on us yelling and then went and advised her neighbor right before we hit the timbre of that one... so she answered us yelling and spitting out profanities....... :D hahaahhaah soo funny.. We just walked away saying under our breath... YA VEREIS......... :P (you'll see)

   Hey! I got that little package! Thank you! So fun to get little packages now and then.

   Anyways, that's all for now. I love you all! Push a little harder! If it wasn´t hard, it wouldn´t be worth it!
-Elder Norton

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