Monday, October 22, 2012

"I can work hard but without His guidence I am nothing" (Sam) and PHOTOS!

R, Elder Nunez, D, Elder Norton

Goood Morning!

   Happy Monday and start of the new week. The best day of the week cuz we have 7 whole days to be productive and serve before the week ends. Or as one guy that doesn´t like mondays said, "monday is the best day cuz its the furthest day from next monday".... :) Ok!

   Things are great here. The wards here in Málaga are treating us too well. Tooo much food! Since there are 2 companionships now in our ward, they re-asked for people to make food for the missionaries.. so a bunch of people were like "yeah! we´d love to help!" So we have eating appointments everyday and a couple of days we have 2......... ¡me voy a engordar! :( hah just kidding.

   Yes, we, the four of us, are still all sleeping in the same room... its not too bad. We have AC so thats fine.. the problem is showering cuz we only have one bathroom and only a certain amount of hot water... haha so the first 2 and a half showers get hot water... We´re working on it. :)
   Elder Núñez´s comp is named Matt Phillips.. from SLC area.. Went to cottonwood heights. E. Núñez and E. Phillips are teaching M, Do and R. We had to do a lot of splitting of the area and members and less actives and stuff so we don´t get to visit them.. :\ its a bummer. We´ve seen each other on the streets a couple times and everythings fine. Do and R have come SO far. So far. When E. Núñez and his old comp met them they had zero faith. They had lost all of their faith. Now, they have such desires to serve and help. Do told Elder Núñez that he wants to help with the cleaning of the church! Future calling maybe! And AHH listen to this.. the Sunday after their baptism they came to the church for their confirmations.. cuz thats how you do it in the field, and we walked in with them and the first thing R said was... "ok so where are the little slips of paper to pay tithing.. i´m ready to give!" :D Sooo great!  They immediately accepted it as a commandment from God and R was almost in tears when we mentioned ´´voluntary offerings´´ that are used for the poor. So anyways, they're great. M is a lot quieter. She´s very willing to learn but she´s hard to read and get info out of.. so E. Núñez and Phillips haven´t been able to figure out why she didn´t want to get baptized yet..... :\ We´ll see.

   Our numbers have been down lately and they´re dragging my spirits down with them... Haha naa, its fine but we´re hitting a lot of walls right now so we´ve been working a LOT with the less actives. Its great cuz we´ve found several who were happy and willing to have us come by. We´re still in the beginning stages so we´ll see what happens.. but we´re crossing our fingers and praying hard that we can say what Heavenly Father wants us to say.. or find out what is holding them back from coming to church. My testimony is continually growing of how our loving Heavenly Father really knows us. We each have stories, difficulties, struggles, fears, problems... If we are in tune enough with the Spirit, we will get help... in fact, the help may come in the form of helping others with their struggles. God often answers the prayers of another through our genuine selfless service. Give more service. Christ gave HIS LIFE. We can give a little more.

   Mx is good. He´s hard to find to have a lesson with.. but he´s good. They pulled his tooth out like the day after we talked to him so its all good now.. the problem is the family is having some struggles and we can't go to their house.. so we have to teach him in other places.. and he lives in this little city outside of Málaga so we have to travel to get there.. anyways, its a work in progress. ONE DAY though
   You didn´t tell me you wrote P! I´m so happy to hear that! She had heard about the flooding in malaga a little while back and she was worried so she called us with the missionaries phone in Huércal-Overa.. haha so we talked on the phone for a minute. She´s great, just happy to hear my voice. I was happy to hear hers too!.. I miss the awesome Huércal-Overa people. BTW, they had to change the building they have church in cuz the one they were in was too small. :) There were  11 people baptized in 2 transfers.... HA! Their total number went from like.. 27ish to almost 40! Wooop!

  Hah! The pictures... ok real quick... 
On the way to a member's wedding
the bat, it was a dead bat we found in the street one day and E. Jones wanted to pick it up...... LOCO. 

The "red ties" wedding? Just some newer member's wedding held at the church......... 

The swim pool was at this awesome house of these brazilian members that live way, way away from the city. We ate there one day and we just about died. Their house is amazing
   Crrrrreepy bear (found by the trash).... Haha no comment.
(pictured in a recent post)

The grapes were all growing in this indoor garden area of María´s house in Huércal-Overa.. So cool! I want to grow grape vines when I get home.


 #4!!!! ?  Haha, no idea..  Elder Núñez loves the number four... its just a ´´tick´´ of his... kind of like adam and dirt.... Not sure why ... he just likes it. :)

   WOW. Parker is home. WOWOWOW. So weird. And I almost have 7 months in the MISSION. Ahhhhhh. Weird. Well... I guess I just gotta keep workin hard. :) I don´t want to waste any time doing nothing.

Pray with me that our Father guides our steps and our words. I can work hard but without His guidance I am nothing. Anyways, I gotta go! I love you all!

 Don´t take anything for granted. We are SOO blessed. Count (some of) your blessings today. You won´t be able to count them all but try. BYE!
Love you again!
-Elder Norton

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