Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Apparently I've been talking in my sleep a lot and more than once in Spanish. So, I guess I'm pretty cool." (Hilary's new email)

How is everyone? I'm doing so good. My day was an eight and then I got to read all your emails and it became an eleven. I love you all so much. Thanks for writing. DAD. Happy Father's day! I'm sorry I missed it! I sent you a letter. SO, anticipate that. I included one to Adam and Sam too. I'm out of stamps though. From the CCM we can drop off letters in the pouch thing with US stamps. But if we are sending them with another stamp, we have to go to a post office on a P-day and we haven't had the chance to do that yet. So, I have a few letters written and just waiting.
OKAY. On to the week in review. I think I'll go backwards; that will be easier for me. Today was our three weeks in the CCM mark and the CCM President and his wife took us out to the center of Lima. We got to tour the city a little, see some sites, hit up a museum and do some shopping. I got a really neat leather bag to carry my stuff in, really good quality and I talked em down to a good price, so that felt good! Lima is so cool! The driving is crazy. And it´s so cool to see all the old buildings. After, Pres. Cardon took us to Pizza Hut. We were in heaven. I mean. Pizza Hut on any old day in Utah would be nothing/gross. But here it is a nicer restaurant and American food was much appreciated. This morning, before our Lima tour we were able to do a temple session. I love the Lima temple.
Yesterday morning my sweet companion Hermana Masquez left to Cuzco. I miss her already. I wish she could have been my companion for all of my mission. These next three weeks I don't get a Latina companion... So :( All those other missionaries that just left are so important to me. I miss them all. I feel like they´re my best friends. Also, my current district is so great. We have a really great group of guys. We have a lot of fun and I'm learning so much from them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCH. LOVE YOU.
The people here sing so loudly and I love it. Also, they think we're so great at singing. It's hilarious. They just want us to sing all the time. Our North American district sang prelude music in sacrament and then the opening hymn was just so loud because I think they were just so excited to be singing. It's absolutely a way of worship for them; it's so heartfelt. I love these people. The other day there was an earthquake. Pretty small, but I've never experienced one before, so way cool. A couple weeks ago we had an earthquake drill because apparently soon there will be a huge one here that will kill 50,000. :( Sometimes when I'm talking with Latinas and I don't understand something they say, I feel like the old lady on Emma. They will turn to me and say the words so slowly and loudly, "ANGEL, MOTHER." It's hilarious.
Apparently I've been talking in my sleep a lot and more than once in Spanish. So. I guess I'm pretty cool. I love you! Thank you for sending me Sam's email. I can't believe how much success he's having! He's amazing. I loved the story about P. I can't print stuff here, but I will print everything when I can. I love you Mom. I miss you everyday. The only times I've ever missed my phone is when I wish I could text or call you and just talk. Dad told me about your new car. I CANT BELIEVE IT! I'M SO JEALOUS. Can I have it when I get home?? I loved reading about you and Adam hanging out so much. I love you two so much. Okay, Dear Elder me! I love you all. Hermana Norton
*** This post includes a pre-mission photo of Hil asleep in a dorm. This girl can sleep anywhere and regularly talks in her sleep. It's a great combination! ***joanna

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