Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"our investigators are progressing" and ... photos!

Sam's district dining room ... Elder Jones, A.P.'s ... and bedroom.
Um, is it just me, or is this place waaay too nice to be a missionary apartment? joanna
Hello family and friends!
I hope all is well back in the states! WOW. This past week was absolutely amazing. Absolutely crazy. Elder Jones and I did our numbers last night and he said that this last week may have been the best week he has had his whole mission.. Hah so we´re gonna do our best to keep it up! Keep praying for us! :) Here are our numbers for this week...
Investigators with fechas bautismales...5 a couple of our people dropped us.. :/
Investigators that attended church... 4 woot!!
Lessons taught with members present... 6... btw 4 of those were in one day.. haha boo yaa
other lessons taught this week..... 19. WOW.
Investigators progressing... 3... esta bien..
Less active and recent convert lessons... 2
Active member lessons... 3
New Investigators...... 16.... BOOM.
Honestly, I wish I could have a little camera on my should every day so I could better explain everything that's going on here. Like, this week was suuper awesome but the numbers don´t even capture all of it. It was just awesome! People didn´t cancel on us much, our investigators that are progressing are coming to conclusions and spiritual experiences on their own without our help... Ahhh its just great.
Some updates.. P., doing better than ever. I don´t know if I said this in my last email but we came to one of our visits with her and she told us that she was cleaning her house and whenever she would get tired, she would sit down, read the Book of Mormon, and pray on her knees. We gave her this little prayer card that she uses to help her and she saw on the picture, the people kneeling down so she just decided to do the same... she told us that every time she read and prayed, she received strength to keep cleaning... and then she showed us the bruises on her knees....... hah... the faith of some people. WOW. We have another kid named R, he's like 18 and he´s got the best heart. He lives with his mom and his sister and when we first started meeting with him he told us that he already prays. We asked him what he prays from and he told us mostly just his mom and family. his mom works suuper suuper long day from early early in the morning till way late at night and he says that she´s always dead exhausted. He prays for her and more or less takes care of his sister. He even helped her build/built this house project with an electrically powered windmill in the front for her sister. He´s awesome. He´s come to church the last to weeks in a row and he's on his way! We´ll keep working!
Anyways, Elder Jones and I are getting along soo well! Honestly! His personality and mine just mesh so well. We are both just pretty chill with whatever but not to the point where we can´t make decisions. We are both just 100% open and then we just talk till we reach a verdict. That right there is something I love in people. When people express their opinions but are willing to talk and listen and aren´t offended when we don´t end up going through with their idea. Anyways, we are getting so much done and setting goals that crazy.
And yes, the Ex-word EW-S200 Casio is that translator thing. If you can´t find it for anything cheaper than that I think I´ll buy it here. I actually haven´t touched any of my money yet. ps.. Hilary probably wont be able to find it out there. Whenever you can, just buy it and send it to her. she will be glad. promise.
Anyways, I gotta go but I love everyone! Dad, I hope Fathers Day was great! Sorry I never sent you anything! Expect something in the mail! :) I got the letter from Clay. Thank you much. BOUT TIME I heard from him.. :) just kidding. Others that have written me, Thank you! Expect letters back! They are coming.
HEY. The work of the lord is great. The church is true. And your testimony grows when you share it! See you in a couple years! -Elder Norton

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  1. I think his apartment looks nicer than the mission home from my mission!