Monday, June 11, 2012

"Her name is Pepa. She is fantastic."

Hello! Everything is great! The work here is going SO WELL! Just from last week alone we had... 8 people with baptismal fechas 3 people in church on sunday 20 total lessons taught 2 progressing investigators 14 received references 13 new investigators and in the course of the week we got either a phone number or address out of 105 people!! Those are called futures. Obviously, all of those people and investigators don´t all turn into baptisms but the important thing is that we are working hard and talking to everyone. Honestly, our duty is to just talk and contact and do our best to find people. We present ourselves and our message as best as we can to as many people as we can and we work with those that accept it.. even if its just a little.. :) Yes, I have had at least 3 doors slammed in my face already haha but do I walk away laughing? Yes. haha this is the work of The Lord. We represent Christ and people accept or reject. We are simple the conduits.
 STORY. We have been traveling a ton. Multiple missionaries have told me that my first week and a half to two weeks in the mission are the craziest they have ever heard... COOL :) but anyways, we were traveling again the other day, we had to go all the way back up to Madrid to get my residency card and then all the way back to Huercal in one day.... haha so we got back really late.. so we´re walking back to our piso and there is this little frail looking lady sitting over on this bench thing so what do we do? Obvio, we go and contact her. She started of verrry very quiet and reserved but as we showed that we only wanted to help her she started to open up. Turns out she lives alone, her husband has died, her family has all moved out and never contact her. Her neighbors always tell her how ugly and worthless she is and she has actually lost a lot of weight because what they are saying is effecting her mentally as well as physically.. I guess she stopped eating for a while and dropped a lot of weight almost dangerously quick.. anyways, we found her and she was just at the depths of despair and we shared a lot about God and how he loves her and how she has a purpose on earth and she ate it up. We told her about Joseph Smith and shared that Christ's church that was on the earth at His time is restored through Joseph Smith. Well anyways, we set up a cita or visit with her for the very next day and it went soooo well! And then she came to an awesome activity that night... this was Saturday... and then members picked her up for church and she loved it and then they took her back home after and then we visited her last night and she is eating everything up!! She has terrible terrible problems breathing and walking far cuz her heart rate shoots up way quick and she runs out of breath. So last night, when we went over, we offered to give her a blessing and she gladly accepted. Our first visit, we set a baptismal date for the 30th of this month and I think she is going to be more than ready! I´m so excited. Her name is P. She is fantastic. Anyways, that's my story.
Like I said, we have like 7 other baptismal fechas or dates and we are working with each of them. If only they were all as awesome as P. :) Anyways, all is well. I´m gonna try to send some pictures home this time. I have an sd card with a bunch of pictures, I´ll send it home too. I love everyone! JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUTH. -Elder Norton ps. AHH look up the ´´ EW-S200 Casio´´ Elder Pedersen, has one and he loves it. Supposedly I can get one here but it's way more expensive here. Will you PLEASE buy one for me and send it to me when you can? Annnd as soon as Hilary can get packages, send one to her too. Missionaries that have had them say they wish they would´ve gotten it day one cuz they use it everyday... allll they way till the end of their missions. Por Favor! :) Love you again! Hasta ver!

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