Thursday, June 21, 2012

I would be fine doing this for the rest of my life. BUT. I just miss you all too much

Hola familia
Things are good here. I´m happy and healthy and the Lord is blessing me every single day. I would be fine doing this for the rest of my life. BUT. I just miss you all too much.
Our companionship got switched up and I´m with Hermana Ellis all the time now. Hermana Giles has a new North American companion, and Hna. Ellis and I are the only two North Americans without Latina companions. So teaching out in the city on Saturdays will be interesting. Things are going smoothly in our lessons and we have a lot of awesome companionship study. I feel so lucky to be able to just think and talk about the Gospel all the time. I don´t have to worry about anything else. Just the most important stuff. I´m in a pretty good place.
Okay, last night I got your package with all the pictures and pass along cards and letter and talk and quote. Thank you so so much!! It made my day/week! I love all the pictures and I loved your letter. It's so fun to read your letters. Also, thank you for the pass along cards! I used one today! We were trying to get to the post office after the temple and couldn't find it, so hopped in a taxi back to the bus stop near the temple and it turned out the taxi driver had attended church a few times a couple years ago! So I made a little conversation and then when we got out I handed him a pass along card! Okay, I'm still learning how to do this.
SO, how's Strawberry Day's? I'm so bummed to be missing it! I don't think I've missed it since I've been a Utahn. Oh, And thank you for getting my friend's addresses [I DID receive Sarah's postcard. Tell her I loved it. It just didn't have her address on it.]. Also, thank you for maintaining the blog for me.
So, I feel like I never get the chance to include cool spiritual experiences in my emails or anything like that. So, with what time I have left, here goes.. I just finished the Book of Mormon on Sunday. I got more out of it this time than I have in all the other times I've read it. It is absolutely my favorite book and I know that it contains the fulness of the Gospel. I know that Joseph Smith restored Christ's church to the earth today. On Sunday's we watch devotionals that have happened in Provo (speaking of, can you send me talks? I really want to read some. If there is any way you could get copies of the ones that happen at the MTC or just any really good ones. And pouch mail them to me or Dear Elder them. I would love that.) and this time it was Elder Holland. SO amazing.
Oh the other day we taught a lesson about the laws of tithes and at the end I said, "Entonces, ¿usted guardará la ley de castidad?" That was pretty hilarious/embarrassing.
Okay, I'm out of time. I love you Mom! Thanks for everything! I'm attaching some photos! Love you Sam! Love you Mitch! Love you Dad! Love you Adam!
Hermana Norton :)
For those of you that don't speak Spanish, like me, the translation for what Hilary asked at the conclusion of her tithing lesson is "So will you keep the law of chastity?" Joanna

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