Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Hermana Masquez was one of my best friends in Heaven" (Hilary's 3rd email from Peru MTC)

¡Hola todos!
Sorry I didn´t sign off in my last email. The computers just kick you off so I just sent it with a few seconds left because I was so worried it wouldn´t send. I have a lot to say! Thanks for all the emails! It was so nice to hear from MITTTTCCCHHHHHHHH. And I loved the pictures. Send more por favor! I was bummed to read about Adam´s game, but at the same time, I´m so proud that he is just killing it in baseball. You´re awesome Adam! I love you. I have letters for each of you, but they don´t pick up the mail here often, so it might not be there for a while. So just incase... Happy birthday big brother! I love you!
Okay, so last Wed and today, we got to go into the city to the temple. Such cool experiences. The city is crazy. I love it here. After we visit the temple we can do a little shopping. I purchased some rad ties for mis hermanos y mi padre. So. Once I can send those, I will. About mailing things. Could you send those small things in an envelope maybe? I have more things to send home too. But that might have to wait until later. Um, I was also wondering if you would be able to send me (once I'm in Ecuador and I can receive packages) my Jesus the Christ and Miracle of Forgiveness, the jump drive with the music, and maybe Lectures on Faith? I don´t own that one, but I would really like to read it!

Okay, Saturday we went proselyting! They bussed us all out to the sketchiest part of town and had us teach the less-actives and then contact. SO COOL. I feel like I´m doing okay with my Spanish, but then I got out into the real world and realized I am SO LOST. I have a lot of work to do. But the experience was so cool and by the end I felt like I could just stay out there all day and talk to everyone. I´m excited for Ecuador.
My companions have only continued to be sick since last Wednesday. They didn't go out Saturday because they were feeling ill. Also, Monday, my Latina companion was told by the dr. here that she couldn't go out due to an illness, SO. I´ve spent a lot of time in the bedroom doing my own personal study while a comp is snoozing. It´s nice though, I like personal study. I just hope they all get better. Especially Hna. Masquez.

So my English scriptures are starting to fall apart. I´m thinking about trying to order more. Bigger too. I wish I could receive packages here! I got a couple Dear Elders the other day. One from Cam, one from Zach Alder, one from Paul Parks. It's sooo good to hear from friends.
Thank you for the advice. We're about at week six, so if I can do this then I think I'm good.
The other day our teacher was talking about how important it is to just focus on the missionary purpose (invite others to come until Christ through the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ ..... etc etc etc) and I was thinking about how important this is not only with investigators but in companionships. Right now, I can be working on my relationships within my companionships and helping my comps come closer to Christ. And I know, when I focus on this, Heavenly Father will help everything else to fall into place.
I think Hna. Masquez was one of my best friends in heaven. I'm so sad to think about how in about a week she'll leave and I won't get to see her again. She's so great to teach with and I respect her more and more every day. Plus she's hilarious. We have so much fun.
Oh, I have memorized a whole bunch of scriptures in Spanish! First vision, Moroni 10;4-5, etc.

I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE. Everyday Heavenly Father gives me tender mercies. I see His hand in my life everyday. I´m so happy to be out here doing this. It just feels right.
Okay, write me more people. I love you all!
SAM I LOVE YOU!! I HAVE A LETTER FOR YOU! YOU ROCK!! Talk to every person you see. I just know that you're going to be/are s

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