Monday, June 4, 2012

Huércal-Overa, Spain (Sam's first email from the field)

Wow wow wow!
Hello!! I love all the emails! Love them. If I don´t answer all of them don´t fret! I will do my best.
Ok, so where to start???

c/ Silvestre Martinez de Haro Nº21, 2ªB
  04600 Huércal-Overa (Almería)

That's the new mailing address.  Huércal-Overa is tiny. We can walk from one side to the other in like... 30 mins.. haha and width wise in like 8. We have a branch here of like 20ish I think. They are awesome. Yesterday was obviously Sunday and it was great. We´ve had two member citas or visits in the 3 days we´ve been here and the food is waaay good. Thus far.. :) I´m getting a lot more used to sea food. No prob. :) Anyhooo if you did the math, I´ve been here for 3 days but we left Madrid Wednesday right. STORY TIME.

So here's the deal. All the missionaries serving in Russia, Ukraine, and Italy left Monday or Tuesday, and then all the missionaries serving in Barcelona and Madrid left Tuesday but the Málaga missionaries stayed till midday Wednesday before we shipped out and it was honestly the longest like day and a half.. haha esta bien.. but anyways, we took a 4ish hour train ride from Madrid to Málaga where President and Hra. Clegg picked us up.. and that is where the picture of the four Malaga missionaries with them is from (the one on the mission blog)... and then we went to the mission home and had a little orientation, interviews with president, and got our comps. Elder Jones is the MAN btw. :) He´s great and we get along really well. We then had this awesome meal and then went out on the streets down in the city and contacted for about 2 and a half hours. Pretty good stuff. Then we went back and slept at the mission home that night. The next morning, we all went to the major train station in Malaga and shipped out to our areas... everyone.... but me and E. Jones.. haha :) He is just over a year into his mish and he had to go present his passport at some government building in Ciudad Real.. So we got on a 3 hour train ride to Ciudad Real to take care of that. We got there just to find out that everything.... EVERYTHING... was closed. It was some local holiday there i guess. A holiday for Don Quijote De La Mancha.. :L hahah so anyways, we called the elders in the city close by (cuz the missionaries in Ciudad real are hermanas) to see if we could sleep at their place for the night and just go to Ciudad real the next day.. we then found out that they were actually coming to Ciudad real for the ward/branch get together thing with the misioneras in Ciudad real. So we went to that and we was dunked head first into basically 100% Spanish. Awesome. HARD. Awesome. :) After, we traveled back to the train station, went to Puertollano with those two elders and dropped our stuff off at their place and then contacted for the last.... 3 hours of the night. (btw, the schedule for our mission is 7:30 to 11:30.. so we get back every night around 10:15 or 10:30... so then we just zonked out for the night. The next morning, we got up bright and early and traveled again, to Ciudad real and walked for.. like 30 minutes to the government building for E. Jones to present his passport.. and then we ended up just missing the earlier train that we were going to take to Malaga so we contacted for.. like 2 hours in Ciudad real till the other train came. We hopped on that one to head back to Malaga to pick up my 2 big bags that we stored in a locker thing there (btw, everywhere we´ve been traveling and walking and stuff I was just wheeling that little suitcase around with me....... Bahaha.. worst thing ever. :) So we traveled that 3 hours back to Malaga to get those, (we grabbed some quick McDonalds... :)) and then we got right on a 5ish hour bus right tooooooo Almería where we met the missionaries there at like.. 10:20 and we went back to their place to sleep that night. Totally Zonked out dead again. :) Sooo awesome. Anyways, so the next morning, we got up at the crack of dawn, packed up and moved out again (Saturday morning... we´ve been traveling since midday Wednesday when I left the mtc... :D) and we got on a 2 hour bus ride out to our cute little nowhere land HUÉRCAL-OVERA!!! HONESTLY, felt so good just to get here and BE IN MY AREA... There had been so much anticipation building up from the second we left the CCM in madrid till that moment on the bus pulling into Huércal Overa.. I was way pumped. so anyways.. by this time, its like.. 10ish and we get in our piso.. or apartmento.. they call em pisos here.. and we´re totally dead.. but we get up  head over to this eating cita with this member family that had been set up and it was awesome. Soo so great to get a nice welcome to what is now my HOME BABY! So we do that and leave a little message, and started heading back to the piso and then whoo drives by??? THE TRAVELING AP´S BABY. Haha we are like one of the only missions that have 4 APs at one time. We have two that are at the mission home and office, and then two that have a car a then honestly, drive all over the mission and stay with companionship after companionship for 3 to 5 days each and help train and teach and then their on their way. So honestly, I had not had like 6 hours in the field when they drive by us walking home and whatnot. So anyways, the rest of that night, we did these exchanges with these APs and went all over HUÉRCAL-OVER and we rocked it. AND E PEDERSEN IS A BOSS. He is actually.... haha.. don´t hate on him.. he's soo cool... he was actually the starting quarter back at lone peak and graduated the year before me. He is.... como se explica.. he is 100 percent lone peak. 100 percent quarterback.. in every sense of the word... AND.. best part.. 100 percent missionary. The most likable, personable, tactful, intuitive, clever, awesome guy ever. Honestly, he can walk up to someone, and within 15 seconds, he will be writing down their number, and address. NOT EXAGGERATING (sp?) We got 17 futures (future investigators) in 2 hours. He´s a boss. I felt pretty useless cuz I can´t yet spit the words out fast enough.. haha people on the street tienen mucha brisa.. Hah but esta bien. ´useless´ in a... I want to be able to do that and get better at it... kind of sense of the word. Not like... useless like I have zero confidence. Anyways! You understand. So that was Saturday night. Yesterday, Sunday, we had church and whatnot and then E Pedersen and I went out again and contacted and had a couples lessons and stuff. We pounded it out again. I´m learning soo much its sweet. Today is P DAY btw. Mondays are pday. Today and tomorrow, I will be with the other AP for contacting and stuff. His name is Elder White and he's hilarious. They are both soo good at Spanish. Anyways.. I was a little worried to have the APs with us my first couple days cuz I hazzz zero idea whats going on and how to do anything! BUUUT. I am actually soo glad it happened this way cuz I have already learned soo soo much from them I´m pumped. 
   Anyways, my times like up so I gotta head but know that all is well! I like the food! Our piso is actually nice. We each have our own beds, a nice kitchen, fridge, a washer for our clothes, everything here we just line dry but A washer is good enough for me!! Hah and.. yeah. Everything's great! My next letter i´ll send my SD card home. I have a bunch of awesome picks. Love you guys!! Keep me updated on everything that you have been. I LOVE hearing it! Bye!
-Elder Norton

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