Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mosiah 7:19 "Therefore, lift up your heads, and rejoice, and put your trust in God"

Wow! Soo much!
Its so good to hear from/about everyone! I really do love all the info, stories, and jokes. Everythings going really well here too! The work is harrrrd. Missionary work is just that... work. :) sin embargo, todo vale la pena! Its all so worth it! Its been getting reeally hot here too. Hah.. We were eating at this members house the other day and there was a plate of cheese on the table for us to use with our food and it was honestly melting right there on the plate. I tried to pick some up and it barely stayed together. You know its hot when cheese just melts... sitting there on the table... haha its been up in the high thirties recently.. which is like 98ish in fahrenheit.. hah.... whooooo hoo... :) but its great.
Its great to hear about adam and baseball! Sorry I haven´t been able to write you an email recently adam, we write our mission president an email every week too with info and numbers about the week so its hard to smash it all in. I´ll do my best.. but honestly, I lose my mind when I read about how baseball has been going recently. There is ALWAYS something I can brag about when it comes to Adam Norton.
Its good to hear about the family get togethers! Really! School just barely finished here but you guys are right in the middle of summer there. Anyways, tell them I love them next time you see any of the extended family por favor! Wow, I had no idea Sister P. had passed away. :( Sounds like it was a great service though.. And one of our chickens too! Wow, all sorts of deaths back home! We killed the freakiest wasp hornet thing here today. We can add that to the list.. I´ll try to attach a picture of it.
OHMYGOSH. I knew Brave was going to be sooo good! AHHH. I want to see it soo bad! Anyways, I´m giving my 2 year movie fast right now. I´ll see it later!
Our baptism is still on for Saturday. Our investigators are doing well! Satan works very hard but things are going well. P. has incredible faith! Its hard at times because she is slowing down a lot. She smoked a lot when she was younger and it has really taken a toll on her, but she´s still moving forward.
We´re excited! R. is growing too. Its great. He had a bad experience with this other church trying to baptize him when we wasn´t ready so he was a bit tentative but he has a lot of faith and confidence in us. Its great. We actually almost baptized this whole family yesterday too.. haha funny story/awesome miracle. We met this girl in the street one night and she told us to come by one day but when we stopped by she told us she didn´t want anything to do with us and closed the door... we were kinda confused but the guy across the hall had heard us out there and he opened his door. Turns out he´s been looking for a church and he let us in without hesitation. He and his wife are from Colombia and they have two kids, a 16 yr old son with slight retardation, and a 4 year old girl. They were both without work and without options. They listened to our every word and were very interested. We came back the next night and he told us that he found work and that he believed it was a blessing from god. We testified to him that it was because of his desires to find a church and his trust in God and they agreed whole heartedly. The problem is that his work is in France and he was leaving 4 days later without his family to live in France for 3 months. We called Pres Clegg for permission to baptize them if they agreed and he said to move forward. They obviously tentative because of the rush and quickness of it all but we continued to work with them. We did all we could to help them read and pray and know how to find their answer but they didn´t end up reading and praying to know. Kinda a let down but they still believe very strongly and they came to church yesterday which was great. He is going to leave for France for 3 months and when he returns... ¡VAMOS A MOJARLES! WE GONNA GET EM WET!
Anyways! :) everything is great here. Nuestra obra misional es la obra del Señor! Lo sabemos! Couple of things... I got the package. AWESOME. Thank you much! Something I realized... we all say the exact same things alllll around the world. Exact same things. Por ejemplo.. this lady interrupted(sp) E. Jones the other day and then she paused and said, excuse me for interrupting... in spanish obvio but it is the Exact same phrase I have heard a million times back in the states. Thats only one example.. Oh another one! I found out that they say the... You´re in trouble!!... phrase.. with the same inflection and everything too. Kinda funny.
BTW... I guess there was an earthquake here in Huercal recently.. like... a week ago. We were visiting a neighboring pueblo when it happened so we didn´t feel it but I guess there was just a really small one.. like nothing was destroyed or anything.. just a little wobble... AND I MISSED IT! :( haha. Oh last thing... I may have mentioned this before.. not sure but we teach almost exclusively south Americans. And, like 90 percent are Ecuadorians. No joke. Hilary is going to have soo much success. Soo much.
Anyways, Gotta go! But I love you! Yes you, if you are reading this! :) Mom, I love you! Have fun in southern Utah! Dad, I love you! Play a lot of golf in Cali! Admo! I love you! Have a blast at scout camp and play a lot of golf this summer! Mitch and Jennica and family, I love you guys! Hope all is well with the kids! Hilary-- Hermana Norton, I love you! Be Bold. Talk to everyone. Be Happy.
-Elder Norton

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