Sunday, May 20, 2012

And please tell me how the cat is doing! I don't like him very much, but I'm concerned about his welfare! (Hilary's 2nd Email)

Whats not to like?
I LOVE YOU ALL. I want to hear from you more. Please please Dear Elder me. Adam, please email me! How is school? How's baseball? I heard about your homerun; I wish I could have been there! Write me and tell me how things are going and what the latest is with Korrah.
Dad, did you get my letter? I love you and hope to hear from you soon. My Espanol scriptures are the size of normal scriptures. Could you send the list of take-off scriptures in Espanol? That would be so helpful. I've already used it quite a bit and everyone in my district is muy jealous. Not in a bad way... Just like, "Oh that's waaay cool." Also, Abby wants a copy of it too. But currently she's in the UK so we'll worry about getting that to her later.
Mom and everyone,
Thanks again and again for your packages. I feel the love. Dear Elder me every day. Just tell me the funny things that happen. Tell me how you're feeling. Tell me what you're up to. Tell me what you learned in your personal scripture study. ETC. Literally, one of my comps (No, we're still in the trio, she was just sick the other day so we had to switch off going to different meetings, etc.) get's 3 or more Dear Elders a day. Her mom has written her every day she's been here. That's a little much, but I do want to hear from you more!
I have a few items of business I need to take care of before I talk about the week.
1. Please Dear Elder me ASAP and tell me how much money is in my account. I can't check and have no idea how much I have and if its in checking or savings. Please just move things around if necessary.
2.  Some people have written me but provided me with incorrect addresses or no addresses at all. :( I want to have addresses to write friends and family.... please tell people to send their addresses!
3.  Please forward Sam's emails to me. I haven't gotten any since I came here and I'm anxious to hear how he's doing.
5. On my blog I posted a quote about work. It was last year I think. It's pretty long and very redundant... But that's the point. It's really good. Can you find it for me and send it to me?
Mitch, I love you and miss you so much. Write me more. I'm glad you like Gotye (you're such a scenester), PERO I hate Gotye. Okay, hate is harsh...
Okay, back to the real email. I'm so glad Mother's Day went well. I love you and wish we could have talked. But I'm glad you got to talk to Sam! Have you been getting my letters and cards? I've been sending quite a few.
The food is okay here. I'm not so picky. This morning we went to the temple and did sealings (never done that before; so cool) and then ate breakfast there after. It was REAL food and SO NICE. We were very happy. We wake up at 6:30, generally earlier, and are in bed with the lights out at 10:30. All throughout the day, we're studying and studying and studying. I'm taking my vitamins, thank you :)  JAJAJAJAJAJAJA (so glad you used that Mom :))
I've taken a few photos. I'll send you the SD card. I just bought a new one, so tomorrow or Monday I'm going to send you a package with some stuff and I'll include the SD card with the pictures. I wish I could include captions.
Mom, I'm sorry things are slowing down for you. I feel like you're Elizabeth once her BFF gets married and moves away and her sisters are all traveling and Mr. Wickham is gone. She says, "The view from my window is rather grey." I hope you get to work at the temple. That would be so AWESOME. It would absolutely put some color in your life. And please tell me how the cat is doing! I don't like him very much, but I'm concerned about his welfare!
We've had Elder Christofferson and Elder L. Tom Perry come speak to us. Really really neat. Things are going well. I have thirty seconds left! Ahhhh. The Spanish is really coming for me and I love my comps and district. I'll write a letter. Things are going really well with our new investigator.
Hermana Norton

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  1. Is Hilary really in the Provo MTC until July 3? I had thought she was leaving for the Peru MTC before then. Let me know cuz I want to write her back :)