Thursday, May 31, 2012

Table Tennis, anyone? (Hilary's teaching ping pong in Peru)

Family! Thank you so much for writing. Dad, you said you got my letter. Does that mean the envelope with the three letters to you, Adam and Mitch made it home? I sure hope so. I sealed it, addressed it, put a stamp on it and then lost it somewhere in the SLC airport. So I hope someone found it and sent it to you three!! Thanks to all those who wrote. I looooove hearing from my family. You are the most important people to me. Please tell the Rice family that I love and miss them so much. Tell them to send me pictures of their little boys. I just keep showing everyone mis sobrinos. They are the greatest.
Peru is so great. I mean, SO great. Everyday I think to myself, "Why do so many good things come my way always??" I have been given so many blessings and tender mercies and opportunities and reasons to be happy. I don't deserve it. But I'm eternally grateful. Anyway, the Lima CCM is awesome. The food is very very good. A couple meals have been a little strange, but for the most part everything is really tastey. They're favorite thing to say about the food is that it's rich. Plain white rice they say "¡muy rico!" I've learned that the actual translation is just... tastey. The other morning we had banana pancakes. That was possibly the greatest breakfast I've ever had. Also, five nights a week, at 8:45 we basically have snack time. So, I don't know if things could get much better.
Again, in class and at church, I'm with Hermana Ellis and Hermana Giles. Anytime outside of those two, I'm with Hermana Masquez. She'll be serving in Cuzco (LUCKY). She is the greatest. She's patient and sweet and happy. She's friendly to everyone and most of all, she is a fantastic missionary. She and I have taught together a few times and things have gone really well. We had TRC the other night and she was very nervous. We studied together a lot and prayed and went into our lesson, and killed it (in a good way). The spirit was so strong and our investigator was so receptive. After the lesson she gave us feedback and began to cry. She was so impressed with 1. my Spanish grammar and 2. the inspired questions that I asked, which are two things I am very very aware of during lessons, because I feel like they're so important, so it was so good to hear that she felt like we were right intune with the Spirit. Hermana Masquez has a very sincere testimony and is so caring. Anyway, I owe it all to HER for the success that we've had. In twenty seconds I can say like three sentences and then she says twenty sentences in three seconds. Ha. Anyway, she's exactly what I would want for my companion in the field. She's shared with me a lot about the struggles that her family has been through and I am amazed at their faith. She has many sick family members. Her neice recently passed away. During an operation, her mother (who had an aneurism) passed away and saw Christ. After she came back, her testimony was obviously so strengthened. Hermana Masquez is also very emotional, so as she's telling me these things she's crying and it makes me cry because I feel so blessed to meet her and learn from her! Anyway, she is a rock. It's sad to think that I probably won't see her after the CCM! We'll wait until heaven I guess.
So things with the people here are good. They're all extremely friendly. We (Hna Giles and Ellis and I) have been teaching our compañeras how to play ping pong around the world and Foosball and how to beat box (jajajajajajaj not that WE know how). They know no English and get upset with us when we speak it, so we've learned of the importance and universality of Charades. Our first night Hermana Masquez gave me a bracelet and matching earrings. She's so sweet. She keeps calling me Barbie jajajaja. 
(personal experience edited) .......... we went into a quiet room and I said a prayer for us. It was a really, really good experience for me. I literally felt a burning in bosom (sp?). Literally. Heavenly Father was there listening. It was a really cool experience for me, so I hope it was as encouraging for the others!  
I love you all
Hermana Norton

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