Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sam's 5th Email Madrid Spain

  So good to talk to everyone! Some people really had a tough time getting back in the groove after talking with thier families but our phone call just gave me a lot of energy to keep working and learning and growing. Thanks again! I´m glad to heard that Mother´s day went well! :)
  Thank you thank you for Hilary´s email! I loved it! The food here isn't bad, just different. I am getting used to it and I actually eat everything that I am served. Another elder and I always check each others trays to make sure we ate everything. :) So no worries about the nutrition. And honestly, I have not gained or lost 1 pound since the day I stepped out of the car.... everyone is changing weights and stuff and I honestly have not changed at all. I think i´ve been this weight the last 5 years of my life.... Haha
 We don´t know exactly when we´re leaving for our missions but it will be like..... the 29th or 30th. And I think we just go straight to our area. We´ll see. I will not be with Elder Vosters.. I will be with my trainer.. AHHHH.
 Let me know about that referal from the Robleys and tell her thank you! They don´t really teach us the cultural side of things.. I think just cuz its hard to say exactly what it is.. you just have to experience it. No worries. I´ll catch on quick! :) Thank you for the spiritual thoughts! So good!
A couple things..
I´d love to hear how dads calling is going.. specifics por favor.. I wanna see some pictures of the yard and the chickens and the coop/tiles. Email me some! :)
Love everyone!! Glad to hear everyones doing well! Godspeed!
Everythings great! My comp just wanted to go quicker today..... :/ haha no prob. Love you! Love everyone!

-Elder Norton

So, that was a very short email, I guess at the request of his companion, but I also received a letter from Sam this past week. It was a beautiful Mother's Day / Birthday letter, and here is a portion of it I want to share:                                                                                                             Joanna

"I don't want to stop writing because for some reason this feels more real than emailing ...:) Everything here is great! So, so good. It is all etremely hard. HaHa  I'll be honest ... but the positive consequences of our doings are great and thats what allows us to continually move forward and learn. I am constantly amazed by the missionaries that struggle so much with the language, or don't know a lot of the doctrine, or have families that aren't supportive, (I've seen many of these) because they are so filled with determination and drive! They keep moving forward, even through struggles. They are amazing!
  One thing I have come to know for sure is that through total devotion, meaning as much as you can give at that moment in your life, the Lord can do amazing things for you and with you. When we devote ourselves as much as we can to His cause, we become instruments by which the Lord can bring others into the fold of His happiness. If we are living that way, we only have to be ourselves and Christ will shine through us in order to bring Eternal happiness to others.
  I love you Mother! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and everyone back home."
 - Love, Elder Norton

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