Friday, May 11, 2012

Sam's 4th Email Madrid, Spain MTC

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equals THIS!
Hello everyone!
¡Todo bien aqui!
Everything is really great here! Learning a ton, being expected of a ton.. hah learning even more! Meeting legit Spaniards and understanding more and more each time.. getting used to everything here.. aka lots of fish (probably 5 lunches a week and 3 or 4 dinners a week are fish), I´m adjusted to the time change.. more or less adjusted to the sleep schedule, adjusted to the workload and daily study schedule.. really really pumped about being able to spend more and more time learning the gospel more deeply, and about being able to share these truths with so many in Spain.
Hermana Norton´s farewell sounded super funny! Happy to hear that Elder Alder is home. Tell him hi for me! It also sounded like the mtc drop off was crazy! Haha I LOVED the picture of her being dropped off! And all the other pictures too! Haha so great! ADAM. What a boss! And I know exactly how you feel about being able to hear their voice through the text... I can hear each of your as well. Thanks for all the support. I really do love all the emails and we were notified that we are allowed 1 hour to email instead of just 30 mins. Everyone was trying to finish in 30 and just going over and then someone told us that we have an hour so family emails are welcome. I´ll try to communicate with everyone!  I´ll do my best ! We do get to call on mothers day!!! WOOOOP!
I will be calling on Sunday at 5:30 pm HERE and it will be 9:30 AM THERE, IN UTAH. I think your church is at 1 so I hope that will work. We get 30 mins to talk and we call from the mtc so we don´t need any cards or money or anything. If that time or something doesn´t work just email me asap and i´ll let them know. As for the package... I just finished those chocolate covered raisins (they are theee best treat to have cuz basically no one here likes then but I love them so I get them all to myself... :)) so if you have room for those that would be nice.. Haha also, so more asea again, I mentioned that last time.. my first camera card (cleared off) with some of the best pictures printed off would be cool. A picture of Christ taped on the box helps the packages to go untouched as well. Everyone says that mail system here is good. Lots better than some south american countries but still it wouldn't hurt to tape one on. And that's all! Thanks! Packages are taking about 2 weeks so if you send it soon(next 1,2,3 days), send it to the madrid, mtc.
Now for my semanalmente lista de random cosas!!
-I just got called to be District Leader. Cool! :)
-Haha I was looking through those pictures you attached to the last email and I was looking at the one of Hilary and Samantha and the elder next to me was like.........who's that??? and after I told him hes like..... Well... I'll be facebook friends with her after the mission?! :) hahah so funny.
-Sooo coool! This mtc is for missionaries that will serve in Spain that come here to learn Spanish, and ALSO for missionaries from European countries that will be serving in their native country that need to go to an MTC for three weeks to go through the teaching and doctrinal training and whatnot so its so awesome here! Our first three weeks, we had like 10 missionaries that are from Portugal that will be serving in either Portugal or South Africa and most of them only spoke portugese.... no idea how to spell that... and then there were a couple, including their teachers that could speak portugese, spanish, and most of them english as well so it was soo cool to hear all the languages. NOW, because we just finished our 3rd week here, they all left and like 12 or 14 Russian, Ukrainian, and Italian missionaries just got here yesterday! SOOO COOOL. We did a session this morning cuz we do one every week and this one was in russian for several of the missionaries that hadn´t yet gone through. It was so interesting! We get little radios and head phones that have all these different language translations too so we can listen to it in spanish and english. I´ve been doing a little of both to help me learn. Its fun. :) Anyways, its super cool. I really would love to come home and learn 1, 2, 3 more languages. There's a teacher here that knows 7 languages and is currently working on spanish and portugese. He says after you learn your second and third language it get easier to learn cuz you know how you learn and they best way to learn. AHH so cool.
-I sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" this past Sunday.
-We heard the goals for barcelona and malaga... barcelona´s yearly baptism goal is 600 and they met that last year... and malaga´s is around 350 a year. :) exciting. I guess the malaga mission surpassed that last year too. So pumped!
-Aaaaaaaand thats all!!!!!
I love everyone!! So much! Mother! Happy mothers day very soon! We will talk sunday morning at 9:30 am, utah time. Remember, every missionary a member, every member a missionary!!
-Elder Norton

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