Friday, May 25, 2012

Tender Mercy

Ahhhhh So much to say!! I love it! :)  Just know that my comp doesn´t always necessarily want to stay on the computers as long as I do.. :) Take that how you want to.. The joys of having a buddy at your side 24/7. I absolutely love the kid. No lie.
   LIFE IN SPAIN. It rocks. It´s wicked hard but soo good. Learning a ton. Serving as best I can. Trying to be as Christ would... Its kind of a hard goal though.. hah. Point is, pray for the missionaries. :)
   I WANT TO BE ADAM NORTON WHEN I GROW UP. Nuff said. Love you kid. I LOVE the updates of everything back home and in the world. We hear nothing. Nothing.. Haha we went to this store today and they were playing a song that we used to listen to and it was honestly the wierdest experience. We are in a bubble. We have a week and then our little bubble will be popped and we'll be stuck in the real world again. We ship out to our missions wednesday. We don´t have our specific areas yet but GUESS WHATTTTTTTTTTT? The Morocco side of the Málaga mission HAS BEEN OPENED. Booooyah! Until recently it was closed but it is now open!
   I did hear a little bit from Hilary. She sounds so good! Keep sending me her emails please! Love them.  Anyways! I have to goooooo. But I´ll let you know as soon as I can when I get my specific call and my area. I love you all!
-Elder Norton
When I read this I just had a feeling Sam hadn't received the email I wrote the day before. I went back through my inbox and found a failure notification saying that my email to him had not sent. I felt awful so I quickly copied and pasted what I had sent with this additional note attached:
       Sam, I emailed you Wednesday and when we got your email today I could tell you hadn't              received mine. I looked back through my "sent" box and it looks like mine sent but in my "inbox" there is a "failure" notification saying it actually didn't send. Not sure why ... sorry. I love you so much and I'm sad that you may have thought I didn't write :(  Anyway, I have copied and pasted it below, just in case you check again. Love you!
Later that evening I got this from Sam: 
Mama! I knew I needed to get back on! I emailed earlier, like you know, and then we left and did things for Pday. We just got all ready for dinner and the rest of the day and we had a couple minutes. I finally convinced my comp we should go check our emails one more time and i´m glad I did. Its so funny to me. I have seen so many people, friends, a brother, cousins, everyone who go on missions, and you wonder what they do all day and you wonder so much what they are thinking about. I want the family to know and You especially, that I think about you constantly. Constantly. Not in a homesick trunky kind of way, but rather loving, caring, connected kind of way. I feel the same thing  about Hilary. KNOW that we love you and think about you as much as you think about us. I Love You Mom.
Your grateful son, Elder Norton
 then he added   THIS 

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