Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nutella and the Giant Finn (Sam's 3rd email from Spain)

Hey hey hey!
Thanks for your e-mail!  That article is so awesome. We honestly just walked in from doing a temple session today so everything is fresh. Interesting stuff.. :)
  Ok, so i´m emailing a day early, yes, because today is our p day this week. Today is Labor Day and tomorrow is another holliday for Spain.. so all the teachers had to switch their schedules around and it would work better to have pday today so anyways, sorry if this throws anything off but today is pday and then next week it will be back to Thursday.
  Soo everything is suuper awesome. It really is! I love it. We´re working super, super hard and trying to SYL/HSI (speak Spanish exclusively) a lot.. its just hard cuz we are all so close and we want to just talk and talk all the time and its tough.. :) esta bien!
Haha honestly.. this is random but I can´t help but express how good life is right now. I wish I could share what I am feeling right now.. I love you all so much. There is so much love in our family and I can´t help but feel it day in and day out. Thank you all for the love you have showed to me through the years and also for all the little emails and things that I get from you. I miss you all so very much but I know i´m where i´m supposed to be. I´m serving our Savior and I know He will bless me and Hilary as we serve, as well as the family at home for supporting us. Thanks. Never take anything for granted because it ALL comes from the Lord.
-My comp and I are doing sooo good! We really have been working way hard and I am so amazed at how much we're learning and retaining. It is hard. It´s really hard but he´s doing it. Basically everything we were taught in the first 3 and a half weeks, he has relearned as we´ve worked together in just over a week. We´re both learning so much and maturing so much and I know it is all thanks to the Spirit. Please continue to pray for me and Elder V. as well. Thanks!
-Oh, this is kinda funny... You know Nutella... The really good chocolate spread... Well I don´t know if they eat it in spain a lot but they have it in the mtc here and everyone loves it. Its soo good. Haha so we basically have nutella every meal... :) Whether its with fruit... or on bread or toast... orr.... with whatever! We have it all the time. If you don´t know what i´m talking about you haven´t lived yet.........
-Haha we have this super funny companionship in our district. Funny/ikindaworryaboutthemsometimes... Its this kid from Orem high who is a sick wrestler, ju jit su (?) fighter, and UFC fighter basically.. and his comp is from Finland...  just think of the epitome of a northern europe fin and thats who this is. He´s like 6´3, a little bit bigger, and he has like the driest sense of humor ever. He´s kind of intimidating sometimes. Haha so put him with a short, stalky ju jit su fighter that doesn´t like people touching him.... They're so hilarious together. They're actually doing well though. They´re both softening up a little and becoming more humble so its great. The fighter one was shining his shoes the other day and actually offered to shine my shoes for me... Hah.. I was like yeah sure! And he´s like.. just a little charity.. :) Now I just gotta get him to have some of that charity for his stubborn Finish comp. :D

-Oh! I´m playing tons of piano.. tons. Like, basically all the meetings I play the prelude, the hymns, and the postlude. Theres one other guy that plays too but people always ask him to acompany them in musical numbers so he was like, "you can play the hymns during meetings". I´m really glad I am cuz its forcing me to use my music and try to learn more. I constantly have a list of like 10 hymns that I´m trying to play well enough that they could be sung to.. Its hard when people are singing and someone is leading the music cuz you have to stay in time.. we´ll see!
-ADAM. Pull out your ESPAÑOL sticks!!! Helaman 10:4-5!!!!!!!! Hah those two verses use a word that I knew and no one else knew. You wanna know how I knew it?¿?¿? YOU!!!!! Thank You BRO.

- Yesterday we had this maestra with a wigidy wack accent. I wish I could record a couple of sentences in normal spain spanish that we´ve been hearing and then the same sentences in her spanish cuz it was weird! Like... any word that ended in an N she would half swallow the last part of the word and put a Gish sound after the N... its hard to explain.. just say ´´con´´ and then say ´´cong´´... or say ´´situación´´ and then say ´´situacióngg´´........ basically that. Oh and plus that ´ceta´ so it would be more like ´´situathióngg´´.. she would also drop the ends of the words sometimes or just totally drop our ´S´s entirely.... like for example if she was saying madrid spain it would sound like Madri Epañia instead of Madrid Españia. or instead of felizidad for happyness it would be felithida... mas or menos. Haha I was understanding most of it but still it was... weird. :) If Hilary reads this before she goes in, (........ AHHHHHH..........) just be glad your learning that spainish... Haha I don´t know if i´ll be saying that when I come home.. I may have too much spain spanish pride but it is definitely difficult.

-Last thing I'd really love to get addresses of where my friends will be in the summer and fall so I can write to them. Can you guys try to get those for me? thanks!
Anyways! I love you all! Hilary, I love you! Do well in the MTC! You´ll do great! I´m over 1/24th done! AHH! :)
-Elder Norton

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