Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sam's LAST email from the Spain MTC!

Hello to all!!
  So tomorrow morning, all the Russian, Ukranian, and Italian missionaries are shipping out... As well as all the missionaries serving in Barcelona and Madrid. The Málaga missionaries will be getting on a train Wednesday morning around 11 am I think to head down to the mission home. Entonces, we are given the opportunity today to get on and email home. I surely hope this email finds everyone well and happy. All is well here and only getting better! :)
  When I get the opportunity to sit down at a computer and organize my thoughts into an email, I can´t help but be grateful. All that happens here is so spiritual and beneficial for everyone involved. Although some missionaries have a hard time staying focused and really trying to learn from every experience, it is all given to us so we can use our agency. It is something that we can compare to life. Often times, we receive all that we ask for and we are given all that we need in order to succeed. All we need to do is take action and fulfill our side of commitments. Many people have the mentality that they "deserve this"or "deserve that" but we must each realize that we must strive to follow each commandment, whether large or small, to "deserve" anything. And even then, we will still be indebted to the Lord. Life can bog us down with things to do and thoughts to think and people to please. If we have our priorities straight, we will realize that the things like daily reading in the BOM, weekly church and temple attendance, and frequent service to others are what should be put first on our priority list. And as we STRIVE, we will be BLESSED.
  Anyways! I love you all! We still don´t know where we will be serving specifically but the Málaga mission president came to the mtc for something and we got to talk to him for like 20 mins and he said that they have already assigned the missionaries that will be serving in Morocco so I don´t think I´ll be assigned there..... YET...... :) Cross your fingers for me! Anyways, when I get that info, I´ll let you know. Adios!
-Elder Norton

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